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A Dog Among Diplomats by JF EnglertAfter the cliffhanger at the end of J.F. Englert’s first book, I must admit that I read mystery’s sequel, A Dog Amoung Diplomats, in just over one sitting. In fact, I failed to read anything else in between, going from one right book to the next.

If you enjoyed Englert’s first novel, A Dog About Town, then this book is a sure thing. The mystery is much more complex and entertaining, and there are new and sinister players at the table. The mystery of Randolph’s owner Imogen is continued in this new book, intensified by her apparent involvement in a high profile murder.

The lab Randolph must work with his owner Harry to try and find the murderer and the truth, but as the secrets surrounding Imogen multiply and intensify, this becomes their greatest struggle yet.

While Harry endeavors to grapple with the unfolding secrets, Randolph is thrust straight into the heart of the mystery and the danger. Through the help of an outsider foggily connected with Imogen, he is placed within a circle of key people, some of whom may be targets, and one of whom is most certainly a killer.

This book is a fast, but entertaining read, and Randolph’s incredible insights will have you looking at your dog with new eyes.


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