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(Ottawa Dog of the Week for March 16th/09)

Emery the Bernese Mountain Dog / Border Collie Mix

“Emery is a 17 month old Bernese Mountain Dog / Border Collie Mix. Em, as he’s known in Britannia, is a big fan of the snow; running in it, rolling in it or just lying in it. He loves chasing tennis balls and is amazing with a soccer ball. He is however a proficient pick pocket and all around thief known to have run off with cell phones (other peoples) water bottles and dog toys on many occasions. In the summer his number one activity is swimming after tennis balls by the Deschenes Rapids. He loves kids and knows most in the neighbourhood thanks to being walked by a 10 year old daily when he was a puppy, it doesn’t get any better than that. Emery goes out to Bruce Pit quite regularly and has a large circle of dog friends there. Living proof that dogs like trucks, Emery loves to ride up front with a commanding view of the road. He spends weekdays (weather permitting) in a 10’ x 28’ dog run where he receives regular visits from friends and neighbours. Em is a great friend with a wonderful sense of humour.” – Emery’s Dad, Richard

Emery the Bernese Mountain Dog / Border Collie Mix

Emery the Bernese Mountain Dog / Border Collie Mix

Emery the Bernese Mountain Dog / Border Collie Mix

Emery the Bernese Mountain Dog / Border Collie Mix

Emery the Bernese Mountain Dog / Border Collie Mix

Emery the Bernese Mountain Dog / Border Collie Mix

This dog is NOT up for adoption. The Ottawa Dog of the Week posts feature a family dog in Ottawa. Each week an Ottawa dog gets to be a star. The Ottawa Dog of the Week dogs are from loving homes and are not available for adoption.


  1. Genelle says:

    This dog is amazing! I am in love with the Bernese Mountain Dog but I’m not a fan of all the health issues. If I could find a way to have a mix like this it would be perfect. What a beautiful creature (:

  2. pam says:

    i agree. i love the breed, bernese mt. dog but not the health issues. i lost mine one month ago to cancer and am so heart broken. where can i get a mix like this in colo.??

  3. Maria José says:

    It’s a fantantic dog, Richard. I’ll hope this summer we can know him

  4. Zach D says:

    I have a Bermese/Lab mix that LOVES the snow also. He is very friendly with adults, kids, dogs, and even cats (Though he doesn’t quite understand the cats may not like him!). He’s about 15 months old now, but he was the absolute cutest puppy in the world. Very intelligent, obedient and loyal. Though the lab in him can make him be hyper at times!

  5. Kent says:

    What a great dog. If anyone knows where you can find puppies with a mix like this in the Ottawa area, please let me know


  6. John says:

    We have a Bordanese and it is the best and smartest dog we have ever had. You can talk to him conversationally and understands most of what you say. A simple Hey where is anyone will send him looking for the right person, if that person is out in a car he goes and looks where the car was parked to see if it is back. He can open doors – pocket, regular and even the pool gate He even knows all the cats names.A simple “Hagrid go get shadow out of the kitchen ” sends him off to the kitchen to herd the right cat back to my mom’s (mom lives in a Granny flat here and has 3 cats). Most guests are stunned by the fact that he clearly understands a great deal of what you say to him. We are now trying to find another one in this area as Hagrid is almost 10.

  7. John says:

    I should note Bordanese is a name for the Bernese Mountain Dog / Border Collie Mix.

  8. Lei says:

    So does anyone know a breeder of a Bernese/border mix?

  9. Kathy says:

    We, too are searching for a Border Collie/Bernese mix. Anyone??? -thx

  10. Joy Overtveld says:

    We live in Ottawa and have a female mini-Bernese who is ready to breed. Is Emery neutered? Sparkle, our Berneese, is very cute, an endearing, wonderful personality, and 50 lb fully grown. We were told she is a purebred Bernese – and I met both parents and all of her brothers and sisters – they both had perfect Bernese colouring and it was clear the father was 100% purebred and a very healthy farm dog Bernese at 9 years old already at the time he sired her, but the mother was quite a bit smaller, although she also had perfect Bernese colouring. The mom was actually probably a small Bernese, a Bernese/border or Bernese/Australian shepherd mix. Sparkle is looking for a husband. She will come into her third heat shortly – probably late December 2011 or early January 2012. We want her to have a litter of mini-Bernese puppies – i.e. dogs that will grow to be 50-80 lb max. Anyone know of a possible boyfriend? Anyone want a puppy once they arrive?

  11. tina pup says:

    He looks so much like the dog I had! I loved that puppy
    she died when she was spayed at 15 months. They said it was a rxn to the anesthesia. I was heart broken.
    The mix is fantastic = she was incredibly smart and loving. I Would love to have another like her!

  12. Liv says:

    Do you know of a bordernese breeder in the Toronto area? If so please let me know. Thanks!

  13. Mary says:

    I’ve been searching for this mix everywhere, anyone know of a breeder? I’m determined to find a litter for the spring/summer and need all the help I can get.

  14. stans says:

    dear richard,

    For a schoolbook on Biology in Holland we are looing for a nice photo of a bernese dog. Do you give permission to use a photo of your dog for use in a textbook for students aged 15 years in Holland? Do you have a high resolution photo, preferably of the dog outside? I hope hearing from you soon.

    Thank you very much in advance.


  15. Graham says:

    We are ready to bring a puppy into our loving family… and would love to find a Bordernese breeder in Ontario – hoping for Aug-Sept litter… please email, any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you :-)

  16. Richard Cooke says:

    I haven’t looked at this unfortunately and just noticed it while being curious about a Bernese / Border mix. Did anyone ever find a Bordernese? Emery is extremely healthy at almost 7 years old and can’t say enough about my most amazing best friend. I’m trying to get in contact with Joy Overtveld, trying facebook. Em is still intact and I’m sure would be a willing sire.

    Richard Cooke

  17. Mare says:

    Looking for a Bordernese puppy in Quebec or Ontario. Does anyone know of a breeder that they can recommend?

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