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Bad Dog Mug Shots

Westfest 2009 was a great success! Ottawa Dog Blog teamed up with Bark & Fitz Westboro and elizabeth&jane photography to do a fun and cheeky fundraiser for BARK Rescue. Thanks to everyone who participated, we were able to raise $550 for the organization! View the Bad Dog Mug Shot Gallery here.

The reasons for the bad dogs being booked are below:


1. Corduroy – for chewing up my favourite DVD!
2. Kuma and Bandit – for chasing every dog possible!!!
3. Charlie – for ripping up the carpet through the dog fence
4. Cocochilla – she’s under arrest for being so cute!
5. Albert – there isn’t enough space!
6. Olive – for stealing people’s hearts
7. Eddie – for being a big sucker
8. George – for expecting people to give him food/treats
9. Max – for being a Mama’s boy
10. Yoko – for barking at the hose!!
11. Ozzy – for scratching up the hardwood floors!
12. Bosco – for being a little fat and very lazy
13. Lillah – for having BAD GAS!
14. Gibson – for biting girl dog “parts”
15. Molly – for being an escape artist
16. Molly – for loving to swim in dirty, smelly water
17. Angel-May – for being the cutest dog ever
18. Stuart – for cat harassment
19. Lotus – for chewing my brand new sandals
20. Charlie – for stealing the remote
21. Dixie-Lou – for eating my favourite dress
22. Maddee – for hiding our shoes and hogging the bed!
23. Champ – for being just like Curious George!
24. Papaya – for jumping on my leg wanting to be picked up and scratched
25. Mordy – for being a crybaby
26. Bella – for making a meal of our dresser…
27. Dott – for jumping too often on everyone


1. Corduroy – for chewing up the IKEA catalog
2. Huckleberry – for stealing cookies
3. Sydney – for chewing a cell phone and breaking lamps
4. Shadow – for chewing up two pairs of glasses
5. Maya – for leaving me without running shoes
6. Axl – for leaving special gifts at the front door
7. Charlie – for liking new shoes too much
8. Taco Grande – for being disobedient. Public enemy #1
9. Stella Artois – for assault with a barkey snarky attitute
10. Charlie – for eating everything she can get her paws on
11. Bunny – for being a public menace!
12. Cocoa – for trying to get into the neighbour’s yard
13. Baxter – for terrorizing cats!
14. Ayden – for being a holy terrier
15. Maggie – for chasing skunks
16. Lula – for wrecking rugs
17. Ever Hopeful – for being a fence barker
18. Sasha – for being a distracted hound and a sniffer
19. Cheiva – for digging in the garden

Here are some of my favourites from the weekend.

Bad Dog Mug Shots

Bad Dog Mug Shots

Bad Dog Mug Shots

And of course the bad dog who accompanied me all weekend, Corduroy! aka the happiest convict known to man…

Bad Dog Mug Shots

If you had a photo taken by Liz Kerrison at Westfest 2009, please follow these instructions to pick it up:

  1. Click here to open the album
  2. Find your photo and click on it to make it bigger
  3. Above the photo there will be a button that says: All Sizes – click on that
  4. Click the link of the size photo you would like to download (Square, Thumbnail, Small, Medium, Large, Original) and a link will appear that says: Download the *size you chose* size


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