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Drypet Towels

I am sure that most of you followed along in September as the Ottawa Dog Blogs got skunked and I went through an array of products and many MANY baths to try to rid them of the smell. I will freely admit that the Drypet towel was my SAVIOUR during this time.

A while back, a reader sent in a comment about how amazing Drypet towels were so I contacted Drypet about doing a review earlier that month and they wonderfully agreed and sent me a towel to test out right away. And test we did. In that week alone, the dogs probably had close to 5 or 6 baths. They stunk…oh man it was bad. They don’t like baths to begin with so they were not thrilled at my many attempts to rid them of their stench. My dogs have longer hair and they are tiny therefore they get cold quickly so after the bath, there is usually quite a bit of toweling off…usually not very successfully.

Corduroy using the Drypet Towel

The Drypet towel quickly absorbs the water out of my dog’s hair leaving them, although not fully dry (did I mention my dogs have a lot of hair??), but significantly drier than any other towel I’ve ever used. It will allow me to bathe them in the winter months without having to blow dry them for quite some time afterwards! Now I towel off, use the dryer a teensy bit and they are good to go.

The best part about the Drypet towels is that although we Ottawa folk have to purchase online, the company is based in Toronto and therefore we get the towels through the mail extremely fast and don’t have to worry about any import fees. I love supporting Canadian companies and it’s wonderful to find one with such a standout product.

The towel is very well priced at 19.95 per 24″x36″ towel. They are available in Grey and the best part is you can have is customized for 24.95!!! What a great deal!

Just for Ottawa Dog Blog readers, Drypet has agreed to give us a special discount – $10 off!!! The Ottawa Dog Blog special code is cdp10 and will work from Nov 18-25. EDIT: please not the date of the sale has changed – 1 WEEK ONLY!!

Drypet Towel

These towels would make a great gift for any pet lover this holiday season.


  1. Barry says:

    any thoughts on using this on a dane? think it’d be big enough??

  2. Liz says:

    Hey Barry! Hope you and Trice are well! I think the towel would work quite well on a dane. The towel definitely would not cover the entire body of a dane, but they have the short coat so you’d be able to use the towel to dry off all over. Does that make sense? They’re nice and absorbent so personally I feel it would work well.

  3. Dana says:

    These towels look awesome. Just what we need considering how often we are giving the pooches baths. At least a couple days a week (except for winter) one of our pals has found a swamp or rolled in the muddiest puddle in the park.
    Since we usually have a couple dogs waiting in the car, we have to give them a very quick bath so this would really help speed up the process.
    I like that the company is Canadian too!

  4. Barry says:

    sweet – thanks Liz……things are good…missing the great dog network in Ottawa

    hope things are good with you too

  5. Marta says:

    No doubt, cute .. but essentially this is a microfiber towel with embroidered paw prints..unless I’m missing something? If any one has an X-Large dog and wants a larger towel like this, MountainEquipmentCoop sells performance sports microfiber towels that are 27×50” for $25 with a carrying case. And if anyone wants smaller sized ones for wiping paws and things like that (these things are excellent for grabbing and trapping dirt) you can pick up a bag of small microfiber towels at Costco (comes out to a few bucks per towel).

  6. Liz says:

    @Marta – great idea with the MEC towels! This towel is a bit different than the MEC ones (I have one of the MEC ones). The towel is..well it’s fuzzier than a regular microfibre towel.

    Have you used the MEC towel on your dogs? If yes, does it work well too?

    I never thought to use mine on the pups.

  7. Dog Bath says:

    This is really a good idea, using towel is really effective after washing your dogs since this will easily absorbs the water within your dogs.

    Anyways your dog is so cute. Can i hug him? 😀

  8. Grace King says:

    Hi Barry ,

    you are right ,this material really works very well.We also test many times.

    We are planning to make Microfiber dog towels .The material have two advantage:
    a: stronger absorb (five times than common )

    b: Ultimate clean (no sprays, pastes )
    In the market ,we found the dog towels very small and expensive ,we try make enought big and thickness resonable price.
    Do you have any good idea for us ?like as size or color packing target price……
    We are looking forward your early reply!!Thanks.
    Best regards.
    Grace King

    skype: grace.kin1

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