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A while back we announced the release of the amazing Ottawa Dog Park Finder which is a listing of all of the dog parks in Ottawa derived from a listing from the City.

One downfall of this is that unless the city lists it in its notes, there is no way to search by parks that are fenced in, so I thought I would pose the question to my lovely and awesome readers.

Do you know of any dog parks that are fenced in?
You can just leave the name of the park as we will be able to search for it in the Ottawa Dog Park Finder.

As we compile a list, I will look into how we can use this info for the next version of Parkfinder so we can make it better!


  1. Sarah says:

    It would be fantastic to know of a completely fenced in park. Jorja’s recall is not 100% and I would love to have her offleash and work with her in a natural setting and peace of mind.

  2. Brandon says:

    i agree i own 2 beagles and despite their recall being pretty good when they catch a scent it doesn;’t matter how much i call them back… so a fenced in dog park near hintonburg would be wonderfull if anyone knows of one.

  3. Tanya says:

    There is a dog park (fully fenced) behind Jack Purcell Community Center (near Elgin/Frank streets).

    Also at Landsdowns (off Queen Elizabeth Drive)where the baseball parks are but I assume this will be lost with the new project though.

  4. Matt Rose says:

    Chiming in late here, but…

    1. Thanks to the great Save Sylvia Holden Park group, the entire Lansdowne dog park, including all the fences, should be saved.

    2. The OCDSB is working on putting in a fenced dog park at the graffiti wall near the old Ottawa Tech HS.

  5. chelsea says:

    I have a question about “dog park etiquette.” We have two 5 month old puppies that are full of energy. We want to take them to a fenced-in dog park so that we can teach them to play fetch (it’s difficult to do inside, or outside when they’re on leash!) and let them run around and burn off some energy.
    They are very friendly, but not yet fully trained to come when called and such.
    Is it too soon to let them off leash when other dogs will be around? Will other owners get angry?
    Obviously we’ll be watching them very closely and won’t let them aggravate other dogs, but even so, I don’t want to get yelled at by owners with perfectly trained dogs! :)

  6. Liz says:

    @chelsea – personally i think that’s fine. Dogs at dog parks run around and play with each other anyways so I wouldn’t worry about it. As long as you are at a designated off-leash park, I think that’s a great idea!

  7. Meaghan says:

    I would love for them to build a fenced dog park in Hintonburg/Westboro… we’re moving there in a few months with our Great Dane and we’ll definitely want a place for him to run around!

  8. Sparky451 says:

    In July 2010, Matt Rose noted:
    “2. The OCDSB is working on putting in a fenced dog park at the graffiti wall near the old Ottawa Tech HS.”

    Does anyone have an update on this? I wandered past this week with my small but active westie and found a big “no dogs” logo on the fence. And it would be a perfect west Centretown fenced dog park.

  9. sammy says:

    What about the peice of land at the corner of bronson and gladstone. It’s fully fenced in and hasn’t been built on for years. Any chance of a dog park there?

  10. Amy says:

    I would like to know the same. I am looking to move to Ottawa and I would love to live within walking distance of a dog park (in Montreal it is a 10 minute walk to my fenced dog park). Any suggestions?

  11. Emmy says:

    I’m looking for a fully fenced off leash dog park in the west end. I live close to Bruce pit but my dog is still very young and doesn’t come to me if there are other dogs around. If anyone knows of any in the west, please e-mail me and let me know.
    Thank you

  12. Kevin says:


    Hi my girlfriend helps out friends and takes many dogs at once which are fully under her control at all times and trained. She recently received warning from NCC because she has more than two dogs. What I don’t understand is that she has full control over 4 dogs or sometimes 5 and is not allowed to bring them to Bruce’s Pit. Yet some people have one dog with no control running people down and attacking other people but this is allowed. I need to find out where she could go where it is fenced in and pet friendly in the west end. I would love to help her out, she is a great person and helps out a lot of families. Does anyone know where she could go, if so can you please email me as soon as possible at

    Thank you so much

  13. rebecca carter (ryder) says:

    hi we are moving to cooper /kent and are looking for good off leash park in that area
    have no car so must be in walking or biking distance if anyone knows of a good spot
    that we wouldn’t it trouble off leash please please email me thanks for ryder stir crazy pouch and my best friend

  14. Nadia says:

    Rebecca, your closest park would be on Frank at Elgin yet, from personal experience, I would not suggest that park. I’ve had several run ins with extremely rude people whom have aggressive/ poorly trained dogs. I was the proud foster mommy of an amazingly friendly pit bull rescue and got nothing but threats and unfriendly comments from several of the regular “dog lovers” (I call them racists) there. I would fully recommend the extra 20 minute walk to Landsdowne as everyone there has always been very welcoming and warm to all breeds.

  15. Jill says:

    I just moved downtown and I am wondering what the closest fenced in dog park would be in my area…Cumberland and Rideau street area. Thank you!

  16. Desiree says:

    Hello, I am looking for a fenced in dog park in the area of Rockland or Orleans. I just moved to Clumberland and I am looking for a place I can let my husky run around and play without worrying that she will take off, she does when she gets excited.

    Please let me known.

  17. Alison says:

    I would love a completely fenced dog park near the Monfort Hospital as there a lot of us with dogs using almost anywhere to walk our dogs but can not let them RUN

  18. Megan says:

    Hi there,

    @Nadia – any success bringing your foster pit bulls to places in the nepean/west end areas? We are in the same situation and having a tough time finding places!!

    If anyone else has recommendations I would love to hear them too!


  19. Michelle says:

    Hey guys! Was wondering if there is any fenced in areas in the Westboro area. I’m on Kirkwood Ave. I tried looking for the park at Landsdown but can’t find it. Anyone have better directions to get there? Hoping it still exsists lol thanks everyone! :)

  20. Kelli says:

    @ Michelle

    If you check it out on Google maps, it’s north east of where Aberdeen pavilion is now. It’s south of the two baseball diamonds.

    Driving: go south on Queen Elizabeth Dr. Entrance to the park is on the right, just after 5th Ave. There’s parking and the south entrance to the dog park on the right. Note – this gate might only be open for another month or so, according to some construction guy someone talked to!

    Walking: will depend on where you’re coming from, but if you check it out on a map, you want to end up at the corner of O’Connor and Holmwood. Continue east along the cage for the baseball/softball diamond, and you’ll come to the west entrance to the dog park.

    Also near Westboro – Lemieux Island is mostly gated, it’s not gated towards the parking lot but it’s relatively large area so dogs tend to stay towards the water. Also because it’s on the island there’s very limited traffic if your dog does head towards the parking lot – the only other thing on the island is the water treatment plant. Just Google directions for Lemieux island. Another dog owner mention Laroche park, which looked to be mostly gated and dogs are allowed off leash. There’s often baseball going on there though I think.

  21. jennifer says:

    Does anyone know of an east end area that is fenced in for dogs?

  22. April says:

    a little update on the techwall:
    The Techwall dogpark is currently owned by the tech school (who apparently does not actually really want dogs there) and not the city. currently things seem to be at an understanding between dog owners and the school though….
    Currently the park is mostly fenced with an opening near the slater street bus stop. Someone has attached a makeshift gate (made from part of an old bicycle rack – gotta love ingenuity and improvisation! 😛 ) to help keep the dogs in, (the tech school shows no interest in properly fencing the gate, but they have not made any effort to remove the improvised one, either…
    but it is only 2 feet high or so, and so not much of a deterrent for a dog with a high chase / “gotta tour!” drive. Most of the dogs tend to stay in the middle of the park though.
    The couple of times we were there, the people were very friendly, but some of the regular dogs tended to play pretty rough, with little intervention from their people when things escalated to a point where i would have expected to intervene. To be fair, a lot of these guys play together regularly and are familiar with that kind of play, but it might not be ideal or a little overwhelming for a dog with a softer or shy personality.
    Techwall park is very clean though, and the owners seem to be diligent about picking up after their pets.

    Lemieux island is fabulous – i have only been there once but it was a very good experience. Our dog is deaf (AND tends towards car chasing – not a great combination lol ) so finding a place thats relatively secure is an ongoing mission for us. Lemieux island was pretty perfect! nice location, friendly folks, good dogs, very clean and while our guy did wander off to the edges of the bushes once of twice, he also came back to the central area near the water where all the other dogs were playing without intervention. You could definitely bring a chair, a coffee, a good book and hang out here for a whole afternoon while your dog tires himself out in good company. :)

    aaand have to say that i love the dog park finder!
    adding more ways to rate (like separating out fencing from appearance and greenery would be a great feature for the next version!)
    It would be cool to be able to add locations too! or have a venue filter so you could add cafes and pet stores to the map
    looking forward to a mobile version too!

    Thanks so much!

  23. Tammy says:

    I recently moved to Riverside South from the Rockliffe Park area (great off leash parks), and there was supposed to be new dog park unveiled in the winter of 2011. When I looked for it, there was just a bunch of new houses being built. I have two huskies and they don’t travel well. Has anyone heard of an off leash dog park in the Riverside South area?

  24. Shirley Lussier says:

    Have all pet owners fallen asleep in Ottawa or do we all need a wake up call. As pet owners we provide employment for Vets, dog walkers etc., we also supply all pet store owners, groomers etc., to live a very comfortable life due to our love for animals. Yet we pay enormous prices for Vet visits, food and the prices keep going up not down. Without us these individuals would not exist and I find it very difficult to understand why in Ottawa are we not making a difference, get a petition going for a piece of land such as on Bayswater where the City of Ottawa buildings are sitting empty and the land is not being used. Contact Katherine Hobbs our Hintonburg councellor or Mayor Watson and complain. I would gladly volunteer my services to make changes happen to all pet owners.

  25. Krista Dunlop says:

    I am a snow bird and head to Clearwater, Florida every winter. Yes … Ottawa is so behind the times when it comes to fenced-in dog parks. Here in Clearwater there are several and each divided according to different size dogs. The dog parks are all beautifully landscaped with benches to sit on … water fountains are available … and their is also an area to bring plastic bags to pick up any doggie do-do’s.

    If there is a group/committee willing to fight for Ottawa to get some fenced-in dog parks, I would like to volunteer to work with this group for sure. Ottawa is such a beautiful city … but so behind when it comes to understanding the importance animals play in family lives.

  26. Shirley Lussier says:

    Hi Krista,
    I agree with you, Ottawa is behind and we need to get a group/committee together for fenced-in dog parks. Bayview in Hintonburg would be an area that could be used for a fenced in dog park. The buildings and land are sitting empty.

  27. Erika M says:

    I will be moving to the east end in the Elmvale area, Canterbury Avenue to be more percise. I used to take my husky to Bruce Pit because I lived in the west end but thats too much of a commute now. Is there any good fenced in dog parks around Canterbury Ave that I can take my little bundle of energy?

  28. Brittany says:

    I have a Malamute a little over a year old. I’m also looking for a fully fenced Dog park or just a fenced area for him to blow off some steam. Like most malamutes he is obedient but if he sees any squirrels, or rabbits; he’s gone like the wind and good luck getting him back, therefore untrustworthy for an open field unfortunatley. If anyone knows of ANYTHING either in the Riverside area or Orleans (were there often) Please email me at

  29. Isabelle says:

    Also looking for a fully fenced dog park. Kinda appalled that this information is not made readily available by the city already… Any locations near downtown would work.


  30. Vicki Florio says:

    Hi everyone!
    I would be more than happy to be part of a committee to get more fenced in dog parks in Ottawa. They have tons in the GTA, we really need more in the Ottawa area.
    I’ll start looking into this and keep everyone posted :)

  31. Heather Dufault says:

    I too would be happy to help however possible to advocate for more fenced dog parks (I had in the past written to my city councillor about this). And, it’s not yet been mentioned here, but there is a new, albeit rather smallish fenced dogpark in Evergreen Park, which is a small park at the south end of Denison Crescent, which is one block west of Broadview Avenue, south of Carling Ave. It would be a good park for smaller dogs, especially.

  32. Lees J says:

    There is a dog park on Slater Street at Bronson. The entrance gate has been taken which makes the park basically unusable. It is on a busy bus route so having no gate is way dangerous. I am trying to find out who is responsible for the upkeep of this park and who should be replacing the gate. If anyone knows who should be contacted I would appreciate the information. Hardly anyone goes there with their dogs anymore which is a shame, including us, it is just too dangerous. It is a lovely place. It is where the only free grafitty wall is. Thanks

  33. Vas says:

    Hey guys,
    I just moved to the area from Toronto. I live south west of Ottawa, looking for a small fenced in dog park in the west end. I have a 2 year old husky that needs to burn off lots of energy and going to the park is the best solution. We have lots of fenced park in Toronto and hopefully there are some here as well. Thanks in advance

  34. Maureen says:

    Hi there, after reading all of the comments, I’m still not sure where to find a fenced in dog park in the Ottawa area. I can’t tell if any are fenced in on the dog park finder (am I missing something?). We have a newly adopted one year old husky and we can’t risk taking her off the leash at this point. We are in the Woodroofe/Hunt Club area if anyone has any suggestions. Many thanks, M

  35. Liz says:

    Unfortunately Maureen, there are not any fully fenced dog parks in Ottawa. Bruce Pit has a flimsy one, but the dogs can definitely get out through it and along several places.

    Best keep your pup on leash until you have a stronger recall with them.

  36. Caroline says:

    I have a beagle lab mix and while his recall is normally fantastic I almost lost him today at Heritage park in Orleans when he caught a sent and went running towards the road. This is a wonderful large park and it is deemed an off-leash park by the city (there are signs for it) but there is no fence! This is right night to Orleans Blvd where the speed limit it 60km/h but people definitely do close to 75 given the right time of day. After nearly watching my dog get run over I am even more motivated to try and get a fence built around this park and to get more off leash parks in Ottawa. Any ideas how to go about doing this? I saw earlier talks about a petition, has this gone anywhere? We might be more successful if we target a few specific locations, for instance one east, one west and one central to begin with.

  37. Caroline says:

    ^scent, not sent above. Silly spelling mistake but that was driving me nuts.

  38. SL says:

    I just e-mailed City Counsel to find out if they can provide a list of enclosed dog parks – as I don’t believe there are any in the surrounding areas of Ottawa. I will let you all know the response I receive, and will be looking at starting a petition of some kind to get a fenced in dog park in each ward (even if it is a small one).


  39. Josie Boisseau says:

    I just resetly moved in the west end of ottawa, near Lincoln’s field and would like to know of any fenced off lease park, so I could get my little 5year old, chitzu and terrier mix could run. I cannot let him off the lease because he would chase squirrels, and he would go off,anywhere then he gets frighten, and does not come when called. Hopping to hear from someone. I also looking for a doggy day care near Lincoln field.

  40. sian says:


    I would like to draw on your communal knowledge. 1)How DOES one get a fenced-in dog park set up? How did the fenced-in dog park off Elgin St get set up – anyone know? I am taking steps to get a dog park set up near me (woke up this morning and decided to make it so!). Forewarned is forearmed!


  41. Sharon says:

    Ottawa is not what you would call a dog-friendly city. There are very few dog parks in ottawa with the exception Bruce Pit, Conroy Pit and the fenced in park near Landowne and off of Elgin Street. I find this unacceptable, don’t you? There are a number of areas in the city, almost one in each neighbourhood that could easily be made into fenced in dog parks. I spoke to someone from the city a few years ago and was told that no they could not consider it. We have a fenced in tennis court that is not used in the winter and I suggested perhaps we could use it for the winter month but was told that it would be too much work to have to clean the fences!!!!! So if anyone has any ideas or is interested in pursuing this further please let me know.

  42. sian says:

    That’s a great idea about the tennis court – dual purpose! Don’t take no for an answer. I called up and was sent a list of off-leash dog parks – which wasn’t the answer to my question. I shall persevere and agree with you completely. A number of these parks are near busy roads – one distraction and fido may end up in front of a car. I think it’s money well spent. Happy dogs = happy owners (and neighbours) = happy neighbourhood. Happy dogs brings neighbours together etc….

    I was told there was no money – and yet they can spend it on a rose garden to mark a treaty from a period before Canada was Canada (the Euro version anyway). We learn about this stuff in school. We have enough hockey rinks – let’s get some fenced in dog parks pronto. If we put our pooch power together am sure something can happen…

  43. sian says:

    I should have added…. I have now been referred to Parks and Rec. I sounds like it’s the decision of one bureaucrat. I was told there was no system to establish a fenced in dog park…. hmmm.

  44. Marie France says:

    the park finder is not working on ipad or on computer
    and i am trying to find a fully fenced park to go with my borzoi

  45. sian says:

    Hampton Park has just opened up a 9000 sq metre FENCED IN dog park. It’s not exactly around the corner – but it is about a 25 minute walk away. The dogs have a good time in a huge space running after each other. Warning – gets very muddy. be prepared for both of you to need showers after!

  46. Jenn says:

    @ sian -that is great news about the Hampton park! We will be moving to Ottawa this winter with our Springer Spaniel, who loves to run and play. I’ve been following this blog for the last couple months trying to get some good dog info. I love the dog park finder….is it possible to get a specific list of dog parks that are fenced?
    We’ll be moving to the Hintonburg area and any info on parks around there would be great!
    Also-from google maps I can see a lot of green space along the north and south side of the Ottawa river that is not labelled as a park-are these considered off leash areas? How about the Greenbelt area?

  47. sian says:


    Welcome to Ottawa! But I hate to disappoint you.. the Hampton Dog Park makes a total of three , yes, just three fenced in Dog Parks in Ottawa (unless I am missing something). It would be your closest. There’s one (gravelled) at the Jack Purcell Centre off Elgin or there’s Bruce Pit which is in the GreenBelt – though i gather it is not completely fenced in per se.

    Hampton Park is pretty rough and ready – but it is grassy, you can call it “natural” but we who use it hope that our suggestions will materialise ie please can we have trees, benches and better gates – and maybe a source of water – a rainbarrel? to clean feet and paws (cos of the rough and ready of it can get muddy). It just opened so we’ll give them a bit of space. My dog loves to run with the pack too – it’s a great sight. Hope to see you there…

  48. Chantale says:

    Where exactly in hampton park exactly? I googled it and only see houses.

  49. sian says:

    I don’t think it will appear on google. It only opened a month ago. It’s at the corner of Island Park and Merivale.

  50. chantale says:

    Thanks! :)

  51. sian says:

    Great space – but muddy. Call in and lobby to change that!

  52. Virginia says:

    Visiting my parents in Ottawa south, and sad to see my home town still not dog friendly enough for fenced parks. Now in Mississauga and we have about a dozen within a 30 minute drive, the nearest being Jack Darling, 22 acres along Lake Ontario (not the shoreline). Others are smaller, but each has something to offer, including an agility park in Oakville. Key is lobbying municipal elected officials, and suggesting options for land which might not otherwise be well used. We were lucky as there was already a citizens group which works with the regions of Peel and Halton. My pup is now 2 and has good recall, so I’ll heady to Conroy. Will look for more details on how our regional group got started.

  53. rozie says:


    i was looking for a fully fenced in dog park around orleans so thar my little 5 months pupp could waste some energie and meet new friends. Can anyone help me find at least one in the region ?

  54. Shirley Lussier says:

    Here I go again complaining about the money we spend on our pets and yet the City is unable to provide us with the proper fenced in parks that is required for them. All that needs to be done is a group of people getting together once a month, a petition signed by dog owners wanting more fenced in parks, asking the newspapers to do a story regarding our complaints. We need to speak for our pets and Ottawa is the worst for fenced in parks. Everyone is making money on pet owners and yet we get nothing in return.

  55. Brittany says:

    I completely agree. ^^^^^ I find it absolutely ridiculous that there aren’t more safe, FULLY fenced in areas for dogs to burn off some steam. If there was some sort of petition I would do everything I could to help out. I have a 3 year old malamute who is usually good with his recall when there are other dogs around but there is no where to take him without relying on other people. I’m already putting him at risk by letting him off leash since he could bolt anytime, but it isn’t fair of him to not be able to safely run around with other dogs.

  56. Shirley says:

    Hello Brittany,
    Have you tried taking your dog to Lemieux Island off the parkway in Mechanicsville? My Maggie is a runner (a small Westie) and I need to keep my eyes on her all the time. The regulars that go to Lemieux Island are very nice and we keep our eyes on all the dogs and help out with training, treats etc., you should try the Island, lot’s of space for your dog to run and there are big dogs that go to Lemieux. As for the petition I will speak with my neighbours again and see if we can’t get something going. I know that a petition will work, it did when a few years ago someone wanted to change Laroche Park into an on leash park and I started a petition which worked. The sign on leash was changed within a week back to off leash. I had 40 signatures on my petition and all I had to do was take Maggie for a walk within a few blocks of my home.
    Take care and thank you for caring

  57. Sarah F says:

    I have checked that site for dog friendly parks.. but no where on the rating does it say anything specific about fenced in areas. I need something completely fenced in… as I’m not sure if he will run away. Hes a rescue we’ve had for 3 months. I’m frustrated because there’s nothing specific stating fenced or not. I live in the east end of ottawa, and if anyone knew of a park I could take him too, it would be greatly appreciated.

  58. Andrea S says:

    Hi I’m going to be moving close to Algonquin college In the fall and I was wondering where there was a fenced in dog park to let my 7month lab run around. He’s filled with energy and walking him on a leash doesn’t cut it. If anyone has information please contact me! Thanks for the help!

  59. Tiffany says:

    Does anyone know of a fenced in dog park near merivale. My dog doesn’t listen off leash he bolts it and would love to let him run in a fenced place but walking distance because he doesn’t like cars!

  60. JunesFolks says:

    There is a great park just off the Carlingwood exit .. Between Kirkwood and Island Park. Its not showing up on your map.
    Sorry I don’t know the name of it …

  61. Marie says:

    We often take our dogs to The park off frank and bank by the community centre. They love it and we haven’t had any issues, we live in Sandy Hill so it’s a nice walk for them and us too.

    But…I think we(the humans) are getting bored. I have heard about a park on an island? Does anyone know if it is fenced in? Our beagle/terrier mix has pretty decent recall but loves to hunt and be chased so letting her off leash is a bit risky sometimes.

  62. Shirley says:

    Lemieux Island is off the Ottawa Parkway. Not a good place if your dog is a hunter and off leash. I have a Westie and I have to watch her all the time to avoid her taking off on me. You would be better off at Hampton Park where you will find a fenced in park.

  63. Ronnie says:

    Just to add on to your maps its not in Ottawa itself but in the outskirt, Rockland, Hawkesbury and Russell now all have Fenced in Dog parks.

  64. MV says:

    I found one today in Riverside South. From Barrhaven, take the new Vetrans Memorial Brudge. Go straight, and it is right beside the Firestation ( right hand side). Still looking for fensed in dog parks in and around Barrhaven.

  65. Melissa says:

    I am in the process of writing to my city counsellor, Jan Harder, asking for her support in putting in a fenced dog park in Barrhaven at the Neil Nesbitt park / Foxfield Park. There is a large field there that has set empty since I moved in the neighbourhood in 1981. There is such a large dog population in Ottawa and Barrhaven, that owners have to start bothering their local City Counsellors. Not everyone wants to take their dog to Bruce Pit.

    I really hope others will support this request and write to Jan as well. It would be nice to have it up by the Spring 2016

  66. Gail says:

    Hi everybody!

    I live in North Gower and would like to offer my property as a place for dogs to romp.

    It is not the ideal solution and doesn’t replace an actual dog park but it may be a place to start.

    We have about 1.5 acres fenced in. If anyone is interested in bringing their pups to play and run with mine (we have 2 medium sized dogs) please give me a shout.

    Hope to see you,

  67. Karley says:

    Hi everyone

    There is a small fenced in dog park in Deerfield by Algonquin.

    I have a 4 month old pup and live and Gatineau and am looking for some puppy friends for her come spring time.

    If anyone is interested send me an email :)

  68. Eric says:

    Has there ever been any attempts at a city-wide petition for some proper fenced in off-leash dog park(s)? I mean with grass and trees and benches like most other large cities in Ontario have? We’re getting a whippet puppy next month and I’m appalled at the lack of decent dog parks in the city. Bruce pit and Conroy pit are great but for many they aren’t an option because there are openings that aren’t fenced in.

    This needs to be made a priority!

  69. Patty Smith says:

    Hi Gail
    I will email you. Thanks.

  70. Hannah Johnston says:

    Just moved to Kanata. My dog is a runner – we need someplace totally fenced. Are there any options???

  71. Lynda says:

    Are there any off leash parks for small dogs?

  72. Danny says:

    I been trying to get on the website for Ottawa Dog Park Finder but all it gives me is a message saying “Ottawa Dog Park Finder is down for maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience.” When does this service work? I am looking at moving to Ottawa, south of Dowes lake area in September, I do need a fenced in area as my dog does have a somewhat good recall, he sometimes does not listen and with him being a Husky / Dingo mix I can not catch back up to him.

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