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Lost  Brindle Male Boxer

Yahoo!!!!!! Memphis came back to me after residents kept garages and food out to lure him! On the way to the
Vet now! More details to follow! I am speachless! Thank you everyone involved!
Especially Robert the president of cedarhill estates and the kind family that caught him, I will thank properly once I know their names!
Xoxoxo from Memphis scared, skinny but aware!


Update as of November 14th

Just wanted you to see a recent photo of my mr manny man! He is still on 4 different meds and special vet gastro food but I am proud to announce he is on his way back! Re adjustment to the house and other pets ( my other babies) has been a challenge but he has gained 12 lbs!!!! Memphis gives kisses to all!

Memphis Update

Below is an update from Memphis’ owner as of October 26th.

I found Memphis on the 23rd after being taken from my backyard on October 1st and went directly to the emergency vet. He stayed overnight and was in the best hands even though it broke my heart that he couldn’t come directly home, I knew he was in better hands than just Mama. He was on fluids all night, tick removal, slow intervals of food, limited exercise and monitariting was the key to his success besides the ultimate TLC that the staff gave my strong boy.

Upon release he is on gastro soft food 6 small meals a day, 4 small walks a day to build muscle mass which he lost dramitically. He lost 30 lbs. His ribs and hip bones are shocking but he is a strong boy and is on his way to recovery which with my dedication will eventally develop. We have a long road ahead but I am so happy with this challenge and after the first time since recusing him from a puppy mill it is now like he is back as a baby.

As mentioned, Memphis is a rescue dog and I am not worried about this challenge. I actually worked 5 years as a vet assistant so I have a new patient that I love to death! He has a regular vet appointment in a week for a follow up. For right now he is on Clavamox for minor scrapes and cuts and has been dewormed for any parasite such as perhaps what he has been eating over the weeks such as squirrels, mice, garbage or whatever his survival had encouraged him to eat to survive.

I am going to attach some photos of the vet who wanted so badly to take him home herself… all the staff especially her fell in love and actually her husband told her to bring him home…. and she laughed and said no, no,…. he has a good owner.

So this is going to kind of go into something that bothered me. I realize that everyone has their opionions and even though it hurt I need to voice now my thoughts…. this goes to Jeff my first comment on the blog. For 23 days I went as far as 2 hours away with my friend dropping lost flyers in mailboxes. Approx 12 hours a day I looked through woods and anytime there was a sighting I was there. my thoughts of microchips are fine. I wanted to say what I always said is that feeding and loving which is definately a need and what I have always done. I have resuced alll my animals… from dangerous owners and situations. I firmly believe in animals not roaming freely as for the dangers of outside. Spay and nueter is always the most important for me to reduce the spread of overbreeding. As well as the medical advantages of doing this. Not only that but vaccines and regualar visits are a must, which I have always done. My integrity as a pet owner goes beyond the critisim of a micro chip because I take care of my animals. Jeff…. I know you are an animal lover but instead of writing a tisk tisk letter hold back and realize that there is always a reason and feelings that the owners will read and encouragment is the key. I thank everyone even including Jeff for comments because whether you know it or not your comments hurt but I knew what I do for my babies. I would not stop until my Memphis was home with me and his other brothers and sisters which I must say they know he is not well and is giving him his space and his respect. He did give kisses to everyone though. He follows me from room to room and I am so happy to have him home. As my last note I must say my enclosed fence is 9 feet tall. I did not have a lock on my fence not thinking anyone would be as cruel as to open it up for cruel intensions to harm my animals. 15 minutes was all it took. I can not further the details because there is a police investigation. All I must say is take time with your teenagers and talk to them about the consequences of being a follower and to love and respect neighbours.

I will send updates as to his weight gain and photos. I thank everyone that has called and have given me their support. The president of the community of Cedarhill golf and country club Robert Sirotek sent out a massive email to all residents of the community to make them aware of a desperate situation and then forwarded it to the attached community of Orchid Estates. The directions were all safe and made it aware not to make sudden movements but perhaps lure with food and perhaps keep a garage open to trap him. The heros that did just so with locking Memphis in their shed was Christine & David Chou with son Andrew. Thank you Robert because after your email it only took one day for Memphis to be captured. There has been so many people in the community to mention and the staff of Cedarhill Golf and Country Club that would circle and search in those days of sightings in that community… I thank you all!

My angels of mercy do not stop there. For all that has contacted me here or said their prayers of a safe return. I believe that there is good in everyone, coming from The Maritimes I always thought that the sense of humanity in Ottawa was not as apparant because I felt everyone kept to themselves. I was wrong and I could not believe how people came together and cared for Memphis and myself. As I said sometimes words are not as compelling as actions. Thank you for all.

My last mention of my network of my Angels of Mercy network would be Liz. Liz I can not express what a benefit your website has and will do for other people in the future as well as other information you provide.

I love you all and will update on Memphis as he regains his weight and muscle mass. Even though as to date the bill has been over a thousand dollars I would have sold my soul to make sure his health was well taken care of. Thank you to Claudia my supportive friend who was with me everyday, my family and my loving husband. Please do not be alarmed by the photos…. he will be better soon!

Memphis Update


  1. Jeff says:

    I feel sorry for the dog but it still can’t believe people do not microchip and register their animals with he city of Ottawa so they can be identified and returned easier. if you really love your dog that much do right by them and have them tagged and micro chipped properly. shameful ownership.

  2. eferland says:

    I have posted this on my Facebook and retweeted!!! I have a boxer at home and can’t even imagine………

  3. Elvis says:

    Wow, thanks Jeff, that was really helpful to the owners at this very terrible time. Some people just love the sound of their own voice, even when its in print. You have no idea what the owners have done for this and their other pets. And what she’s gone through and been doing since this happened.

    Thanks for you Help.

  4. Stephanie S says:

    Terrible….I sure hope he’s found and returned to his owner.

  5. Same thing happen to my old dogs 2 years back. It was not suprisingly in my part because I believe my neighboors is the suspected one.

  6. RFS says:

    What is the matter with people who disrespect the sanctity of life, whether human or animal? The only thing shameful about this story are the perpetrators in the theft of Memphis. They should be prosecuted for what they have done and forced to pay the extraordinary expenses Memphis’ owner is currently enduring to return him to a healthy condition.

  7. Corky says:

    We are all so thrilled that Memphis is home! I only helped search for a part of two days so hardly anytime in comparison to the time he was gone and what his owner went through, but I couldn’t be happier that story has a happy ending. It was an intense two days for me and I still find myself slowing down and looking in neighbor’s yard and in the woods for movement! I breathe a breath of fresh air when I realize he is safe and sound and not still out there running around. Thank you for your kind words above. You did so much to find your beloved dog. There is nothing more you could have done. And by the way, a microchip would not have helped with a dog who couldn’t be caught!!!!

    Take care and please keep the updates coming.

  8. Brianna says:

    Where did you originally get Memphis?

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