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Vote for the Ottawa Dog Park Finder

Exciting news! The Ottawa Dog Park Finder has been entered into a contest with the City of Ottawa!!

To vote, you’ll need to create an account here
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Vote for the Ottawa Dog Park Finder Here

My hope is that if we can vote enough to have the Ottawa Dog Park Finder win, the city will see how vital these dog parks are and maybe even create more. 2010 saw many dog parks threaten to be disbanded and because of all of your support, we have managed to either delay, or stop this, but it is my opinion that these dog park deregulations shouldn’t even be entertained. We have so few parks in Ottawa where our dogs can enjoy each other’s company, and I really feel that the exposure in winning this contest will be nothing but great.

So please vote, and tell your friends to vote and together, we can make sure the city of Ottawa knows how important these dog parks are to our wonderful city.

Voting closes January 28th at 5pm.


  1. Shmitty says:

    Hi just wondering if the App is still available?

    Molly, our 8 month old Golden/Husky mix would love to run and play with other dogs, but we’re still working on her recall when distracted.

    Hoping to find a fenced in off-leash park in the East end, but will go to centre town so that she can get in some doggie play time.



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