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Ottawa Dog Blog 3rd Birthday Contest

And the winners are….


GRAND PRIZE goes to: Julie and Maya the Boxer!

Runner Ups go to: Lynn and Stella the Golden/Collie mix and Celina and Obie the Yorkshire Terrier!

THANK YOU to everyone who entered the contest! It was the BIGGEST one yet!!!!

The Ottawa Dog Blog came into being on February 15th, 2008. I can’t believe it’s been three years! Time has really flown by and reflecting on last year, it’s been a great one. We launched the Ottawa Dog Park Finder, were featured in a bunch of publications and even appeared on the news and radio. I can’t believe it!

Ottawa Dog Blog 3rd Birthday

Once again, I am hosting the Ottawa Dog Blog Contest Giveaway, sponsored this year by Ottawa Dog Blog, elizabeth&jane photography and Global Pet Foods Kanata and Hintonburg!

This year’s top prize is all about luxury! The winner will get:

  • Mini Pet Portrait Session for their dog yielding a beautiful 10×10 “Doggy Bits Storyboard”
  • $50 print credit (towards prints from the session)
  • $100 gift certificate for Global Pet Foods Kanata or Hintonburg!

The total value of the top prize is worth over $300!!

New this year: 2 Runner ups will win one $50 gift certificate each for Global Pet Foods Kanata or Hintonburg!

Ottawa Dog Blog 3rd Birthday Prizes

To enter:

  • You must live in Ottawa & Area
  • Leave a comment below with your name, your dog’s name, your dog’s breed, your dog’s age, your dog’s best trick (just for fun!) and what part of Ottawa & Area you live in!
  • One entry per household
  • Contest runs from February 15th, 2011 @ 12:01am and closes February 28th, 2011 @ midnight.
  • The winners will be picked at random using the comment number on March 1st and will be contacted by email.
  • Comments must be left on this blog post to be eligible. Comments left on Facebook are not eligible.

I’d like to thank Karla from Global Pet Foods Kanata and Hintonburg for sponsoring this event!


  1. everydayathena says:

    Wow, I’m the first one to enter the contest (maybe I’ll win by acclamation?)!

    My name: S. Mills
    My dog’s name: Joey
    Breed: American Eskimo
    Age: 6
    Best trick: Joey was rescued from a negligent owner in the summer, so he is just learning “how to be a dog” – tricks included! However, he has already mastered “sit”, “shake a paw”, and “shake the OTHER paw”, which I think is pretty amazing!
    Joey and I live in Almonte.

  2. Stephen says:

    My name: Stephen
    My dog’s name: Sasha
    Breed: Puggle
    Age: 3
    Best trick: When I say “Bang!” and point at her, Sasha will roll over on her back and stay there until I say otherwise.
    Location: Gloucester

  3. sabriel20 says:

    My name: Melissa

    My Dog’s name: Colby

    Breed: Cocker Spaniel mix with Pomeranian

    Age: 2

    Best Tricks: Hokey Poky where she does a 360, Roll Over, fetch, sit, shake a paw, and she dose it with hand signals mainly.

    Location: Westboro

  4. CampingGirl says:

    My name: Shelly
    Dog name: Gus
    Breed: English Bulldog
    Age: 5 months
    Best trick: He learned to sit in puppy kindergarten class last week :)
    Location: Riverside South

  5. Octo says:

    My name: Steve
    My dog’s name: Lola
    Breed: Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund
    Age: 3

    Best Tricks: Sausage Roll, which consists of seeing a treat and immediately starting to roll over and over in an attempt to be given the treat.

    Location: Barrhaven

  6. Jennie says:

    My name: Jennie
    My dog’s name: Nala
    Breed: Pure rescued mutt
    Age: 2 years
    Best Trick: Breaking sticks off downed trees, finding sticks in mountains of snow, sharing sticks with friends, eating sticks…notice a pattern here?
    Location: Nala and I live in North Vanier

  7. Jennifer says:

    My name is Jennifer
    Dogs names are: Seamus (Boxer), Charlie (Terrier Surprise), Pickle (Yorkie), Riggles (Brussels Griffon) and Squeegee (Brussels Griffon)
    Ages: 8, 4, 7, 5, 1
    Best Tricks (in order of dog): Bum wiggle, playing musical sit, sitting up like a groundhog (for hours), snoring, jumping up into my arms
    Location: Winchester

    Congrats on 3 amazing years! You just keep getting bigger and better!

  8. astlouis says:

    My name: Amy
    My dog’s name: Emery
    Breed: Rotweiller/Cocker Spaniel Mix
    Age: 3 and a half years old
    Best Trick: Sit, lay down, shake a paw and shake the other paw, we are working on speak but she doesnt seem to get it yet 😉
    Location: Barrhaven

  9. Contantj says:

    My name: Joanne
    My dog is Jessie
    She is a 1 year old goldendoodle
    our location is orleans
    Best trick (and newest) trick is catching snowballs

  10. tictac says:

    My name: Pam
    Dog’s name: Otis
    Breed: ?rescue? we call him a teacup Mastiff – his head is just like a Mastiff’s but the rest of him is half the size it should be
    Age: ? vet guesses 3-4 years
    Best Trick: playing soccer – one ball in the mouth, one between front paws, running like the wind
    Location: Manotick

  11. cpharand says:

    My name: Carolyn
    My dog’s name: Claddagh
    Breed: Ausie/Border Collie mix
    Age: 2 1/2 years
    Best Trick: Singing along with us
    Location: Hunt Club area

  12. anne says:

    My Name:Anne
    My Dog: Riley
    1.5 year old Labradoodle.
    Does looking cute count as his best trick? 😉
    We live in Orleans.

  13. Tybeau says:

    My Name: Tyler
    Dog’s name: Dexter
    Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog
    Age: 4
    Best Trick: Snow sledding! (He climbs up snow piles and slides all the way down, runs back up and does it again.)
    Location: Embrun

  14. Gwendilin says:

    My Name: Gwendilin
    Dog’s Name: Soul
    Dog’s Breed: Great Dane – Deaf & Blind
    Best Trick: Educating the public about how ‘normal’ it is to be deaf/blind. OK, well his bestest trick is how small he can make his almost 160 pound self so that he can be on our bed at night!
    Dog’s age: 5 years next month!
    Locale: Oxford Station(just outside of Ottawa)

  15. Jacquie says:

    My Name: Jacquie
    Dog’s Name: Bella Rose
    Breed: Long hair mini dachshund
    Best trick: turning like a ballerina (which is why her nick name is Bellarina!!)

  16. Jacqui says:

    My Name: Jacqui
    Dog’s Name: Lola
    Breed: Looks like a catahoula but supposed to be aussie shepard/beagle mix
    Age: 2
    Best trick: Relocating the remote to her little bed!

  17. Kathleen says:

    My name: Katie Gutzman
    Dog’s Name: Barney
    Breed: Labrador Retriever x American Bulldog
    Age: 5 months
    Best trick: We say, “Bang!” and pretend to shoot him with our fingers…he rolls onto his back and plays dead. Sounds morbid but it is super cute!

  18. Lydia G says:

    My Name: Lydia
    Dog’s Name: Alaska
    Breed: Alaskan Malamut
    Age: 1 year
    Best trick: “OFF” we taught her this when she was just a puppy. This way she won’t rush to the floor when you drop something (pills, chocolate, food). When outside for a walk, we can say this when she goes to pick up garbage or walking around other dogs.
    Location: Kanata, Ontario

  19. Michelle Robinson says:

    My Name: Michelle
    Dog: Moxy
    Breed: Goldendoodle
    Age:3 1/2
    Best Trick: Jump up to say hi, you pat your chest and she puts both paws up on it to say hello :)
    Location: Spencerville, Ontario

  20. mellabobella says:

    My name: Mel
    My dog’s name: Halladay
    Breed: Schnoodle
    Age: 1.5

    Best Tricks: Take a bow, shake a paw, high 5, crawl, and catching a ball mid-air.

    Location: Nepean, ON

  21. Lorraine says:

    My name: L. Marchand
    My dog’s name: Katie
    Breed: Catahoula Mix
    Age: 10
    Best trick: Going from being a total basket case 8 1/2 years ago to being almost normal now, by learning how to be a dog from all our foster pooches :0)
    We live in Finch.

  22. Donna Neron says:

    Donna Neron
    Millie(this week’s dog blog’s Dog of the Week) Yorkie, 2 years old
    Since coming to us as a rescue in July 2010 with no traiining (not even house trained) she has passed beginner and intermediate training @ Petsmart. She learned how to give a paw, other paw and high five; how to roll over and how to bow…still needs a treat for it though! Millie lives in the Elmvale Acre/Alta Vista area.

  23. : ) : )

    Name: Lindsay
    Dogs Name: Dingo
    Breed: Australian Cattle Dog
    Age: 5
    Best Trick: ‘Closer’…he will bring whatever object you want closer and closer to you.

    I live in the Carleton Heights Area.

    You guys rock!!

  24. Carolinew says:

    Hey Liz!
    My name is: Caroline
    My Dog’s name: West
    Breed: Golden Retreiver (he’s more red)
    Age: 1 yrs and 2 months
    Tricks: He speaks when asked to and gives highfives
    We are from Orleans, Ontario

  25. Steph. P. says:

    Name: Stephanie P.
    Dogs Name: Farfalle and Bazil (B is blind)
    Breed: both are Jack Russell Terriers
    Age: Farfalle is 12 and Bazil is ~13 (she’s a rescue)
    Best Trick: Before she went blind, Bazil’s best trick was to catch tennis in mid air. She also shakes a paw and will sing on command. Farfalle’s best trick is faking his sister out to get what he wants E.g. If Bazil has a toy he wants, Farfalle will go to window and bark excitedly and as soon as Bazil comes to see what’s up, he races over and grabs the toy she dropped. He will also sing on command–sometimes.

    We live in Stittsville.

  26. R. Bryerton says:

    Happy Anniversary & keep up the good work Ottawa Dog Blog!

    My Name: R.Bryerton
    My dog’s name: Scout
    Breed: Lab mix
    Age: 3.5
    Best trick: Can seek out and find the largest of sticks…not uncommon for Scout to tote a large branch/mini tree around the dog park in his mouth! Also is very good at the “Front” command!
    Lives in: Nepean

  27. Danielle MacKenzie says:

    Name: Danielle
    Our dog’s name: Juno
    Breed: Labrador Retriever
    Age: just shy of 3
    Best Trick: Michael Jackson’s Thriller moves – she raises one paw, then the other, then the first one again, and just keeps switching! It’s wonderfully cute – and she has good rhythm with it too!
    We live in Nepean.

  28. Melissa Boudreau says:

    Name: Melissa
    Dog’s names: Oscar & Meyer
    Breed: Longhaired miniature dachshunds
    Age: Oscar will be 4 on St. Pattys day and Meyer is 2
    Trick: Oscar will play dead if you point your finger at him like a gun and “BANG”
    We live in Nepean

  29. nibs says:

    Hi! Nice to see lots of comments here, the contest really brings us out of the woodwork!

    Human: Scott
    Pooch: Doug
    Breed: Great Pyrenees and ??? – everyone has a different theory :-)
    Age: Unknown exactly but we figure about 8 (aka a million years old for a dog of his size!)
    Best Trick: I don’t make Dougie do tricks but he does have a very fancy-prancy gait.
    Loc: Chelsea

  30. Linda O'Keefe says:

    My Name: Linda O
    Dog’s Name: Molly
    Breed: Miniature Poodle
    Age 6 in March 1
    Best trick: Chases wheels on shopping carts :)

  31. Linda says:

    Hi Ottawa Dog Bloggers!

    Human: Linda
    Pup pup: Lucy
    Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog
    Age: almost two
    Best trick: her “monkey hug” – when she wants some love she’ll hook her paw around your leg.
    Location: Blackburn Hamlet

  32. Nathalie says:

    We love contests!

    My name is Nathalie and my dog’s name is Melly. She is mostly Chihuahua (and all attitude). Her best trick is definitely ‘sitting pretty’ – she does it so well, she looks like a rockstar when she does it. We live in the South end of Ottawa.

  33. Rose says:

    Wow this is wonderful

    ME: Rose
    Breed: Westie
    Name: Scottie (I know very original)
    Age: 8 and very peppy

    Best Trick: Scottie sings along to Happy Birthday really well – I think his best trick is that he has actually managed to train us – a sharp whack with his snout on my leg is a constant reminder its walk time – I swear he has a watch hidden somewhere

    Location – Central Ottawa

  34. Stephanie says:

    Hi all, the Ottawa Dog Blog has taught me so much about the dog community in Ottawa, I love the dog park finder and great tips, keep ’em coming Liz :)

    My name: Stephanie
    The girls: Roxy and Molly
    Breed: They’re both Morkie’s
    Age: Roxy is almost 2 and Molly is almost 1
    Best tricks: Roxy knows shake a paw, high five, laying belly up when we say *bang*, and squeaking every squeaky toy imaginable. Molly is learning high five, fetch and sitting still with a treat on the floor in front of her, she’s come a long way!!
    Location: Richmond

  35. Karine Langley says:

    Karine Langley
    Dogs: Sophie a 10 year old mini retriever rescue
    Bubba a 13.5 year old Lhasa Apso

    Best tricks: Bubba will do the NAVY SEAL. I show him a treat, tell him we are under attack…crawl under the wire…NAVY SEAL>..and he will crawl on his belly like a Navy Seal. It is really hilarious…he gets right on the floor!

    We live in Elmvale Acres in Ottawa

  36. Jennifer Gabriel says:

    Happy 3rd Ottawa Dog Blog! Always find such useful information here!

    Me: Jennifer G.
    My doggy: Sable
    Breed: Siberian Husky
    Age: 6 1/2
    Best Trick: Bang! – That’s where when she’s lying down, she collapses to the floor like she’s been shot! She’s a miraculous dog though, and heals VERY quickly! 😉
    Area in town: Sable lives in Kanata North with my husband & I.

  37. Mélanie Dagenais says:

    name: Mélanie
    dog’s name: Lucky
    breed: Chocolate Lab
    age: 6 years
    best trick: Speaks on demand, cries on demand, gives paw, used to know the sign language for pee and ball.
    part of Ottawa: Orleans

    Happy 3rd year!

  38. ccliffy says:

    My name: Cliff
    My dog’s name: Bruce, Casey & Boomer
    Breed: Black Lab, Rotti mix, Yellow Lab
    Age: 7, 3 & 2
    Best trick: Eating the inside cardboard on a roll of toilet paper while leaving toilet paper intact
    Location: Gloucester Glen

  39. Holly says:

    My Name: Holly
    Dog’s Name(s): Ajax, Fergie, Daisy Mae
    Breed(s): Briard, Briard, Dachshund Standard Wirehair
    Age(s): 5.5 years, 5 months, 4.5 years
    Best trick: Ajax: all agility stuff :-), Fergie: high fiving, Daisy: turning left and right on voice command.
    Location: Barrhaven

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  40. Stephen says:

    My name: Stephen
    My dog’s name: Abigail Eloise – “Abby”
    Breed: Chocolate Lab
    Age: 1
    Best trick: “Drop on recall.” She “drops” to a lie, mid run.
    Location: Gloucester

  41. melvalade says:

    My name: Melanie
    Dog’s name: Juno
    Breed: Weimaraner
    Age: just over 2 years
    Best trick: Making the arm off my couch dissapear. :)
    Location: Nepean

  42. Stephanie says:

    My name: Stephanie
    Dog’s name: Lila Rose
    Breed: Pug
    Dog’s age: 3
    Best trick: Ballerina “pirouette”
    Ottawa area: Munster

  43. Melissa S says:

    My Name: Melissa S.
    Dog’s name: Trinity
    Breed: Pure Mutt; Lab, German Sheppard and Collie(I think)
    Age: 2
    Best Trick: My mom taught her what her duck toy is in french. If you ask her to get her”canard”, she will choose this toy amoung the others. She also remembers where we are going in the car, not exactly a trick but still she is pretty smart :)
    Location:Aylmer, Que

  44. Allie says:

    My name: Allie M.
    My dog’s name: Finnegan
    Breed: Border Collie
    Age: 2
    Best trick: Finn knows a handful of crate commands. Alongside the standard “go to bed” he goes to his crate to “get to da choppah”, “your shoe’s untied”, “you’re in the way” and the ever popular “nobody likes you” (he likes that one the best, oddly enough).

    Finnegan and I live in the Billings Bridge area.

  45. Tami B. says:

    My dog’s names: Bella and Diesel
    Breed: Newfoundland Landseer/Saint Bernard Cross’s
    Age: Bella 1, and Diesel 8.5 weeks
    Best trick: Bella’s best trick is she closes the kitchen cupboards and drawers on command. Diesel the baby can sit :)
    Location: Alta Vista

  46. Andrew says:

    Name: Andrew
    Dog’s names: Ella and Roland
    Breeds: Boston Terrier and Doberman Pinscher
    Ages: 19 and 7 months
    Best trick: Bang
    Location: Gloucester

  47. Amy says:

    Name: Amy
    Dog’s name: Sage
    Breed: Boxer
    Age: 3 Years
    Best trick: All agility equipment and breaking out of the crate
    Location: Nepean

  48. steph fletcher says:

    Name: Steph
    Dog’s name: Nikita
    Breed: huskey
    Age: 4 Years
    Best trick: props
    Location: Ottawa

  49. Kelly says:

    Congrats on 3 great years!

    Name: Kelly
    Dog: Zoe
    Breed: Golden Retriever
    Age: 2.5 years
    Best trick: Zoe cries for attention. She’ll find a sock and carry it around the house in her mouth, showing you what she has, knowing she isn’t supposed to eat all our socks! She also loves to “heel”, for treats of course :)

  50. Anna says:

    Congrats on 3 years-the ODB is always fun to check out and has also been a handy resource(especially the dog park map and services tab.

    Name: Anna
    Dog: Harley
    Breed: Golden Retriever & Poodle cross
    Age: 2 years
    Location: Westboro
    Best trick: Harley has an unbridled enthusiasm for just about everything but does not have a repertoire of ‘traditional’ dog tricks. If I say “Show him your move” Harley will attempt to sit on another dog to encourage the other dog to play-usually a very effective tactic.

  51. Melanie says:

    Hey I have a dog!
    Dog Name: Kona
    Breed: Weimaraner
    Age: 5 years
    Best trick: opens cupboards and doors
    Location: New Edinburgh/Manor Pak

  52. melissa says:

    Name: Melissa

    Dog`s name: Tanner

    Breed: Golden Retriever mix

    Age: 10 months

    Best trick: His ability to find his best buddy Apollo. Apollo is my brother`s Wire Fox Terrier who used to be very afraid of dogs. When we bring them to the dog park Apollo still gets spooked sometimes and he will take off running in the forest. All I have to say is ”Tanner, where is Apollo? Go get him! Go get your buddy!“ and off he goes! He always comes back with Apollo close behind.

    Area: Ottawa South

  53. Celina Flores says:

    YEY so exciting!!

    Name: Celina Flores
    Dog’s Name: Obie
    Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
    Age: 3 years old
    Area: OTTAWA-Westboro

    *Best Dog Trick: On command, Obie wipes his paws on the door mat before walking into the house. It is the funniest and most convenient trick!

  54. Jennifer O'Neill says:

    Name: Jennifer
    Dog’s name: Grimm
    Dog’s breed: Siberian Husky (black & white, bi-eyed)
    Dog’s age: 1yr 10 months
    Dog’s best trick: He sits pretty – On his back legs, Paws in air…sitting oh-so-pretty. Another is the fact that he looooooves going down the slide. He also has the uncanny knack to look extremely pathetic upon getting trouble….enough that I usually forgive him within minutes.
    Area: Richmond

  55. Vicki says:

    Dog’s name: Bella, Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog, Age: 7yrs, Best trick: Bella can sing on command. Berners are blessed with the ability to belt out a deep howl instead of a bark. Bella’s repertoire consists mainly of numbers from The Sound of Music, such as the Lonely Goatherd.
    Area: Greely

  56. Katharine says:

    Name: Katharine
    Dog’s name: Real name is Godiva, but know as Diddy
    Dog’s breed: miniature smooth haired daschund (piebald colour – brown and white – hot!)
    Dog’s age: 4
    Dog’s best trick: Jumping high in the air (like 3 feet) for cheese, singing, chirping like a budgie out of excitement and destroying indestructible toys in 15 mins.
    Area: Orleans

  57. Anna says:

    My name: Anna
    Dog’s name: Haley
    Breed: Golden Doodle
    Age: 3 years
    Best Trick: When I say ‘Shhhh, go to sleep baby’, she lays down and pretends to sleep….ok, she has her eyes open, we haven’t mastered that part yet! This is the softer, gentler version of play dead.
    Location: Richmond

  58. Jacqueline says:

    your name: Jacqueline
    your dog’s name: Louis
    your dog’s breed: Great Dane
    your dog’s age 2 1/2 yrs
    your dog’s best trick: He can help clean the counters… But for commands, he will sit and give hugs.
    part of Ottawa & Area you live in!: near Mooney’s Bay

  59. Nadine Lawrence says:

    Happy Birthday!!

    My name: Nadine
    Dog’s name: Chase
    Breed: supposed to be boxer/lab
    Age: 3 1/2 years
    Best Trick: Backwards hug and kisses – if you stand behind him and say backwards hug, he stands on his back legs…waits for your arm around him for support and gives backwards kisses while you rub his belly with your free hand
    Location: Orleans

  60. Sandra says:

    My name: Sandra
    Dog’s name: Maya
    Breed: Labrador Retreiver
    Age: 7
    Best Trick: Balancing a treat on her nose, then catching it in her mouth.
    Location: Carlington

  61. Graham says:

    name: Graham
    dog’s name: Marley
    dog’s breed: Puggle
    dog’s age: 2.5yrs
    dog’s best trick: Roll over
    Area you live in: Barrhaven

  62. Kristina Jensen says:

    My name: Kristina
    Dog’s name: Haley
    Breed: Aussie Mix
    Age: 3 (just had birthday on Feb 14th!)
    Best Trick: catching a snowball from 20 ft away!
    Location: Westboro

  63. Erin says:

    My name: Erin
    Dog’s name: CoCo
    Breed: Mix (terrier, whippet?)
    Age: 2
    Best Trick: finding specific toy on cue
    Location: Vanier

  64. Toni says:

    Name: Toni
    Dog’s name: Otis
    Breed: Pug
    Age: 2 years
    Best trick: Roll over
    Location: Nepean

  65. Alan says:

    Name: Alan
    Dog’s name: Myla
    Breed: brindle Pug
    Age: 8 months
    Best trick: looking pretty
    Location: Nepean

  66. Rachel says:

    My name is Rachel, and I have a beautiful 3 year old boxer named Zeus. Zeus has many tricks, but most people are quite impressed by his “Freeze! Up against the wall!” trick, during which Zeus pretends to be a criminal caught red-handed, and gets a full pat-down while up against the wall. Zeus and I live in Stittsville, in the West end of Ottawa.

  67. Fiona says:

    My name is Fiona and I’m entering on behalf of Merlin who is a 1 1/2 year old rescue. His best trick is his fetching skills. Even if his toys get lodged behind furniture, he can retrieve them with great skill and dexterity. He also eats bugs on command, which is particularly handy in an old house once the weather warms up. We live in South Mountain, just south of Ottawa, with Puzzles and Raven (two other rescues).

  68. lily says:

    My name is Lily.
    I have 4 dogs: Oscar, Paul, Roxy and Emma. Oscar and Roxy are Pekingese. Paul and Emma are dachshunds (Emma is a miniature).
    Age: 5y6m(Oscar), 5y3m(Paul), 4y7m(Emma) and 1y10m(Roxy).
    Tricks: Oscar can jump really high, and is a prime snowball chaser. Paul can sit, roll over and lie down. Emma is fast as lightning and will play fetch until your arm dies. Roxy is just special and pretty, can’t do any tricks that I’m aware of.
    We live over in Almonte and Aylmer (time is shared).

  69. Kerri Davis says:

    My Name: Kerri
    Dog’s Name: Milo
    Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Cocker Spaniel
    Age: 1
    Best Trick: “crate!”, and then he goes in his crate. It has been a life-saver. Very useful trick.
    Location: Hintonburg

  70. Anne says:

    Congrats on your thrid year, great website
    My dogs are: Jiggs who’s 12 years old llasaPoo; best trick is chasing a ball and making people laugh. Rita my hound is also 12 years old; best trick is lounging (not really a trick)and looking great. Finally Biscuit who’s a Shisho 9 years old: best trick is dancing around Jiggs

  71. Mel Begin says:

    My name: Mel Begin
    My dog’s name: Dash
    Breed: Greyhound
    Age: 7
    Best trick: Take A Bow!
    Location: Gloucester

  72. Chris Kasurak says:

    My name: Chris Kasurak
    My dog’s name: Roxy
    Breed: Greyhound (Retired Racer)
    Age: 4
    Best trick: Sit… She get’s an “A” for effort!
    Location: Gloucester

  73. Sarah Liebel says:

    My name: Sarah
    My dog’s name: Mowgli
    Breed: Wirehaired Griffon
    Age: 1
    Best Trick: He can balance a treat on his nose, wait for the ok and then throw it up and catch it!
    Location: Dow’s Lake

  74. julie says:

    My name: Julie
    My dog’s name: Maya
    Breed: Boxer (fawn colored)
    Age: 1 1/2
    Best trick: she ‘bops’ my hand with her snout to say yes when i ask her if she wants a cookie/to go outside/to play outside etc…
    Location: ottawa/nepean

  75. Tanya says:

    My name: Tanya
    My dog’s name: Rocky
    Breed: Chocolate Labrador Retriever
    Age: 6 years
    Best Trick: sleeping 😉 He gives a mean high five!
    Location: Centertown

  76. gordonsmom says:

    My Name: Teri
    My dog’s name:Gordon
    Breed: Goldendoodle
    Dog’s age: 3
    Dog’s best trick: Kisses on demand (no licks!)and he’s pretty good at agility!
    Location: Nepean

  77. Sarah says:

    My Name: Sarah
    Dog’s name: Jorja & Pete
    Breed: Canaan dog & sighthound mix
    Age: 3 & 2
    Best Trick: Jorja can jump and high 5 on cue, Pete can grab food from even the furthest corner of the counter.
    Location: New Edinburgh

  78. Mel W says:

    My Name: Mel W
    Dogs Name: Brenna
    Breed: Miniature Poodle
    Age: 2 years
    Best Trick: There’s so many to choose from! I’d say her best trick is a two parter; Sit Pretty then Bang! You’re Dead, she’s our little circus dog 😉
    Location: Orleans

    Congrats on 3 years(and many more)Ottawa Dog Blog!

  79. Karen D says:

    Dog: Sophie
    Breed: Pug
    Age: 5 years
    Best Trick: she is so focused on food and treats, has competed and won in a pug contest for speed thru hoops and tunnel to receive a treat at the end.
    Location: Barrhaven
    Congratulations on 3 years of the most up to date and informative dog site!

  80. Karen Levesque says:

    My name: Karen L.
    Dog: Sydney
    Breed: Miniature Pinscher
    Age: 5 years
    Best Trick: Convincing anyone in the kitchen area that he is desperately hungry even after just finishing his dinner.
    Location: Orleans

  81. Kathleen says:

    Name: Kathleen
    Dog’s name: Sultan “Sully”
    Dog’s breed: Mastiff
    Dog’s age: 5yrs
    Dog’s best trick: Convincing me he needs a treat
    Part of Ottawa: Kanata

  82. Linda McLean says:

    Name: Linda
    Dog’s name: Cerby
    Dog’s breed: Puggle
    Dog’s age: almost 3 yrs
    Dog’s best trick: shake a paw
    Part of Ottawa: Hunt Club Park

  83. Lori says:

    Dog’s name:Loki

    Dog’s breed:Mini Golden Doodle

    Dog’s age:1 yr

    Dog’s best trick: being the best Doodle on the planet

    Part of Ottawa: Kanata

  84. Michelle says:

    Name: Roscoe
    Breed: Newfoundland & Belgian Sheepdog cross
    Age: 3
    Best trick: he’s so excited for liver treats he sits, paws, lies down, relaxes and rolls over with only one hand cue
    Part of Ottawa: Centretown

  85. Elly says:

    Oh wow, I really hope I win this! With a baby coming in June, it would be wonderful to celebrate my fur baby before he comes along. :)

    My name is Elly and I live in Ottawa, near Silvercity Gloucester. My little adorable girl is named Storm. She is a lovable 6.5 lb mutt, supposedly a mix between a Maltese, Silky Terrier, and something else, but really, she looks like a black long-haired chihuahua/papillon!! She turned 2 years old in August, and her best trick is that she dances on her hind legs with her front paws beating up and down. We never taught her how, she just does it when she’s really ecstatically happy.

  86. Chi mom says:

    Name: Roxane
    Dog’s name: Pepito
    Dog’s breed: Chihuahua
    Dog’s age: 2.5 years
    Dog’s best trick: Best trick? His best trick is making ME do tricks to get his attention! I guess you figured out who is the alpha…
    Part of Ottawa: Orleans

  87. Star says:

    My name: Star
    My dog’s name: Cosmo
    Breed: Collie/Lab
    Age: 11
    Best trick: She knows all the usual tricks…sit, speak, lie down, etc. But I think her best ‘trick’ is how she manages to make me feel like the Best Human Ever year after year :)
    Location: Perth (in between Carleton Place & Perth)

  88. pupchelsea says:

    My name: Amy
    My dog’s name: Chelsea
    Breed: Lab/Collie mix
    Age:1 year old
    Best trick: Although it isn’t really a trick, she has quite a distinguishing feature – she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. Every human, dog, and even cat that she meets is her best friend. She makes friends every where she goes.
    Location: Aylmer (funny enough, only a short walk from the SPCA where she was adopted from).

  89. Carla Jones says:

    My Name: Carla
    My Dogs Name: Maylene
    Breed: Blue Great Dane
    Age: Just had her first Birthday!
    Best trick: Maylene likes to take a bow after doing tricks. She is such a little lady.
    Location: Westboro

  90. Tiffany says:

    My name: Tiffany
    My dogs names: Tally and Roxie
    Breed: Great Dane and Boxer
    Ages: 2 years, and 15 months.

    Fav tricks: Tally jumps up for hugs, and Roxie can leap vertically in the air!
    Part of Ottawa: Kanata

  91. Rachel says:

    Name: Rachel
    Dog’s Name: Cheese Bun
    Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
    Age: 4
    Best Trick: Going to bed in her own bed at night and magically appearing on the pillow beside you in the morning!

  92. Debbie says:

    Texas is a Karelian Bear and part long coat Akita. He will be 11 years July 1st. Ha Ha tricks…he’ll do anything for a treat…paw, roll, lay down, stay
    Best trick looking too cute with a stuff toy in his mouth.
    Love this website

    Horray-thank you!

  93. Nat says:

    Remi was rescued this summer. He’s a 2 year old Australian cattle dog mix. He is such a great little dog. He has been training in agility and freestyle disc but one of his best tricks is jumping on my back.. I’m also hoping to make him become an Ottawa Therapy dog.

  94. Natasha says:

    Name: Natasha
    Dog’s Name: Mika
    Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
    Age: 6
    Best Trick: We compete in agility, but one of her best tricks is dramatically playing dead!

  95. Julie says:

    My Name: Julie
    My dog’s name: Jasper
    Breed: Standard Poodle, Red
    Age: 5 weeks (he will be home soon!)
    Best trick: Hmm. Can detect mum by scent!
    Part of Ottawa: Orleans

  96. Michelle Craig says:

    Name: Michelle
    Dog’s name: Sierra
    Breed: Great Dane, black
    Age: 3 yrs
    Best Trick: Knows the difference between her right and left paw. Can shake both upon request. She can also say please for her treats! (soft bark).
    Part of Ottawa: Bells Corners

    Congrats on the 3 year milestone!!

  97. Jaclyn says:

    Michelle Craig said,
    February 20th, 2011 at 4:58 pm

    Name: Jaclyn
    Dog’s name: Keegan
    Breed: Light Golden Retriever
    Age: Almost 10 yrs
    Best Trick: Hide and Seek!
    Part of Ottawa: Downtown

    Congrats on the 3 year milestone!!

  98. JGreen says:

    Name: Judy
    Dog’s Name: Kona
    Breed: Chow Chow
    Age: 10.5 months
    Best Trick: playing fetch with a tennis ball
    Location: Richmond

  99. Roz says:

    Name: Roz
    Dogs Name: Boscoe
    Breed: Great Pyr
    Age: 4 years
    Best Trick: Entertaining kids at elementary schools while my mom makes presentations about rescued dogs.
    Location: Barrhaven

  100. Colleen says:

    Dog’s Name: Maggie
    Breed: Pomeranian
    Age: 12 years old
    Best Trick: shaking a paw for treats 😉

  101. Maureen says:

    Name: Maureen
    Dog’s Name: Nelly
    Breed: Portuguese Water Dog
    Age: 2 and a half
    Best trick: chasing squirrels

  102. Karen Sendybyl says:

    Name: Karen
    Dog’s Name: Prince
    Breed: Labrador Retriever and Plott hound
    Age: 4
    Best trick: tons! Opens doors, counts, hight fives, speaks, catches midair, served as best dog at our wedding, best trick of all? Steals your heart completely before you know it!

  103. Shannon says:

    Name: Shannon McGuire
    Dog’s name: Stella
    Breed: Vizsla
    Age: 1
    Best trick: Shake a paw
    Location: Britannia Village

  104. Linda says:

    Name: Linda Sabourin
    Dog’s name: Charlie
    Breed: Collie/Hound
    Age: 14
    Best Trick: Speak! (While sitting pretty, for added cuteness!)
    Location: Stittsville

  105. Robyn says:

    Name: Robyn Armstrong
    Dog’s name: Kayla
    Breed: Lab/Pointer
    Age: 16
    Best Trick: Shake-a-Paw, but she does it really well :)
    Location: Ottawa west end

  106. Natalie says:

    I’m Natalie and my dog’s name is Bejeepers. Bejeepers is a chihuahua mix (we’re unsure what the other part is). We’re also unsure of his age, but the vet guesses around 11. Unfortunately, Bejeepers does not know any tricks. However, he does know certain words like: walk, treat, and bed.

  107. lucy says:

    dou dou pomeranian shes 5 she can speak on command and we live in lowertown

  108. Charlene Saunders says:

    Name: Charlene
    Dog’s name: Molly
    Breed: Goldendoodle
    Age: 3 (in 2 1/2 months)
    Best Trick: When we’re playing ball and she start running before we throw it we yell out ‘HEY’ then she stops, turns around and looks at me. Then I sign to her to come. She moves closer but not enough so I sign to her again and we repeat this until she’s laying on my feet (so cute).
    Location: Gatineau

  109. Roula says:

    Name: Roula
    Dog’s Name: Pikachu
    Breed: Maltese
    Age: 2
    Best Trick: He loves his barks, morning, noon & night.
    Location: Ottawa South

  110. Julie says:

    My name: Julie
    My dog’s name: Chelsea
    Breed: Husky/Lab
    Age: 2
    Best trick: High Five
    Location: Nepean

  111. Karen says:

    My name: Karen
    My dog’s name: Moses
    Breed: Short-haired Chihuahua
    Age: 5
    Best trick: “Do a dance!” and he does a pirouette.
    Location: Downtown Ottawa

  112. Lynn & Dave says:

    My name : Lynn
    My dog is Stella
    Breed: golden retriever / Collie mix
    Stella is 4
    Trick: she is able to get her two adult owners
    To do everything and anything to make her happy!
    We live near Manotick

  113. Melissa says:

    Your name: Melissa
    My Dog: Rory
    Breed: Cairn Terrier
    Age: 3 years, 3 months
    Best Trick: When I tell her it’s time for bed, she buries herself in my bed and pops her head up on the pillow beside me. Yes, she likes to be spooned. :)
    Area of Ottawa: Vanier via The Glebe

  114. Katie says:

    my name: Katie
    My doggies: Molly & Ernie
    Breed: Shih-Poos
    Age: 1 year, 6 months
    Best Trick: chasing each other at the dog park and always finding a way to be snuggled in between my husband and I :)
    Area of Ottawa: South Keys

  115. Heidi says:

    My Name: Heidi
    My Doggies: Mei Ling and Holly
    Breeds: Border Collie and Newfoundland Landseer
    Ages: 6 and 1.5 years
    Best Trick: Mei Ling on command can pick up all her toys and put them all away in her toy basket
    Holly on command can balance just about any treat on her nose with budging 😀
    Area of Ottawa: Riverside Park North

  116. Jacquelynn says:

    My Name: Jacquelynn
    My Dog: Bourbon
    Breed: St. Bernard
    Age: 8 weeks
    Best Trick: Can sit, lay down and roll over with assistance!
    Area of Ottawa: Walkley & Bank

  117. Chad says:

    My Name: Chad
    My Dog: Texan
    Breed: Beagle/Lab
    Ages: 9 Months
    Best Tricks: Crosses his paws, can 360, rollover, search for anything and much more.
    Area of Ottawa: Ottawa South

  118. Erin says:

    My Name: Erin
    My Dog: Toby
    Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
    Age: I year and 2 months (on march 9th)
    Best Tricks: Toby can sit and lay down, plays fetch, rolls over, and shakes a paw
    Location: Nepean

  119. Michelle T. says:

    My Name: Michelle
    My Dog: Moxie
    Breed: Boston Terrier / Pug
    Age: 10.5 years
    Best Tricks: Training humans to feed her
    Location: West Centretown

  120. Karrie says:

    My name: Karrie
    My dog’s: Jacob, Roller , Harlow
    Breed: J is a toy poodle/shizu. Roller is a white boxer. Harlow is a white boxer.
    AgeS: 14,5,3
    Best tricks: Jacob dances by spinning around on his back legs, Roller says I Love You and Harlow is really amazing at showing off her toys! All 3 are rescues All about to be put down within days! The two boxers are mirror images of eachother which was awesome and rare to find but that’s what made us a family! The rarity of the whole situation!
    Location: Carleton Place, Ontario

  121. Elizabeth says:

    My name: Elizabeth
    My dog’s name: Karmabella (Bella for short)
    Breed: Bouvier des Flandres
    Age: 2 years old
    Best trick: Bella likes to sit at the table with us for dinner. :)
    Location: Gloucester, Ontario

  122. Magali says:

    My name: Magali
    My dog’s name: Sookiemae (Sookie for short)
    Breed: Bouvier des Flandres
    Age: 1 year old
    Best trick: Sookie can sing, give the paw, give high-five and roll over.
    Location: Gloucester, Ontario

  123. genevieve_quesnel says:

    My name: Genevieve Quesnel
    My dogs names: Belle & Milo
    Breed: Chihuahua/Extraterrestrials
    Ages: 10 & 11
    Best trick: making food magically appear in their bowls (by whining incessantly)
    Location: Downtown Ottawa

  124. Morgan Crampton says:

    My Name: Morgan Crampton
    My Dog’s Names: Clifford & Dottie
    Breed: Boston Terriers
    Ages: 4 and 3
    Best Trick: Clifford can push a chair to the window to look outside.
    Location: Carleton Place (west of Ottawa).

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