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EDITOR’S NOTE: We had the opportunity to review the Sleepypod Air. Since my sister, Jane, recently welcomed home a darling little puppy named Sonnet, I asked her to test out and review the Sleepypod Air.

Crates are so important for our dogs so that they have their own space where they feel safe, no matter where you are. I am so impressed with the quality of construction of these Sleepypod Air crates and really like all of the features they have. But I’ll let Jane do the talking… ~Liz

Sleepypod Air Review by the Ottawa Dog Blog with photos by Ottawa Dog Photographer elizabeth&jane photography

Sonnet and I are both really happy with our new Sleepypod Air! It is a sturdy pet crate designed with extreme attention to detail. It works to keep your pet comfortable while making things easy for the owner.

Sonnet took to the crate right away. The inside of the Sleepypod Air has a plush bottom (which can be removed for washing) and a cozy den-like atmosphere. When I opened it up on our first morning together, I expected Sonnet to dart right out – instead, she blinked at me with sleepy eyes and remained curled up in her crate.

Some of my favourite features of the Sleepypod Air are those designed to make travel easy. There are buckles that hook around car seat-belts to keep your pet secure on the road, and a zippered section on the back that allows the case to slip over the handle of a piece of wheeled luggage. It has a handle across the top and a removable shoulder strap to make it easy to carry. If you don’t have room to travel with the crate expanded, it folds flat in a few easy steps. Its name stems from its design, which fits airline requirements for traveling with your pet.

A neat extra feature available are the DryFur Pads. You simply remove the plush bottom of the Sleepypod Air and press the DryFur in place. Should your pet have an accident while in the crate, say on long air or car trips, the pad will pull the wetness away from your dog so that they don’t have to sit in their own mess. I am happy to have these pads because I frequently go on long car trips. Sonnet is still young and her bladder may not wait for rest-stops. It is reassuring to know that if she has an accident, she won’t be uncomfortable.

It would be nice if there was a section at the top that could be left open in order to pick up and put down Sonnet for late night bathroom breaks, but that is my only suggestion. Overall I am very happy with the SleepyPod Air. It is extremely well made, great for Sonnet, and it has a lovely design.

I look forward to many more sleepy nights and safe travels.

You can purchase the Sleepypod Air online, or in Ottawa at Global Pet Foods in Kanata and Hintonburg.

Check out the photo shoot we did with Sonnet and the Sleepypod Air.
Images by elizabeth&jane photography.



  1. Sonja says:

    We have the original round sleepy pod and love it!!!!

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