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Luna is safe and sound at home!Dog’s Name: Luna
Dog’s Breed: Basenji
Is the dog Microchipped? No
Was the dog wearing a collar and ID tag? Yes she was wearing a black collar and no ID tag
WHERE was the dog last seen? Monday, November 7th, 2011
WHEN was the dog last seen? 12:30PM running down Bronson Avenue
Anything else? Unfortunately, Luna got detached from her lead and off she ran with great speed (Basenjis are known for this) up Slater Street whereby she turned left up Bronson Avenue. As of this moment, she has not been found. I will go to the Ottawa Humane Society at noon today to determine if, in fact, she may be there. I also confirmed via the City of Ottawa that she was not delivered as a dead pet. Wherever she may be, I hope some good Samaritan will deliver her to the Ottawa Humane Society or email you folks. We are so appreciative for your due diligence on finding Luna. You have no idea how this 9-month year old Basenji puppy means to us. We just got her three weeks ago.


  1. Hello says:

    Hello, I believe Luna has been found.

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