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Housetraining your dog is like taking a break in your day!

Just take your puppy/dog outside every 2 hours or so and reward them 3 treats as soon as they are finished (within 2-3 seconds after they are done). Therefore, they will quickly learn they are being rewarded for going outside yet they get nothing inside. If they go inside and you don’t see them do it then I would just ignore it and clean it up when they are not in the room. If you catch them in the act then I would say “No, no, no, Outside, outside, outside” then reward when they go outside.

I would consider going out with them every 2 hours and of course after they wake up from a sleep, after a good play, after they have taken a good drink of water. The key is to reward when they eliminate outside immediately after they are finished so they will continue to give you this behaviour.

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