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And the winner is…
Katie! You are the winner of a $50.00 gift card from Maple Leash! We will contact you shortly with the details.
Enjoy your shopping spree, Katie & Eleanor!

I was ecstatic when I was approached to write a review for Maple Leash, a family owned doggy apparel company that is operated out of Edmonton, Alberta. They’re a small business and they like it that way, because it gives them the opportunity to provide stellar customer service and choose only the best products, which are personally tested by their mascot, Domo, a dog they rescued from abandonment.

It was because of Domo that Maple Leash was created, and so they are giving back to their community by supporting local rescue groups by donating items for silent auctions, a portion of their sales, and my favorite part — they foster dogs waiting to find forever homes. As a foster mom for Hopeful Hearts Dog Rescue, this really touched me.

My own foster, Nanny McPhee, spent the first 6 years of her life in a puppy mill. Slowly but surely she’s starting to learn what life is supposed to be about; treats, belly rubs, and unconditional love — the finer things in life. Maple Leash wanted to do some spoiling of their own, so they sent Nanny their best-selling coat called the Extreme Vest, guaranteed to keep the little monkey warm on her adventures outside.

Aside from the obvious — the oh-so-cute factor — the first thing I liked was that it was incredibly easy to put on. With a nervous and timid dog, this is extremely important. It was no more difficult than putting on a harness, and two side simply snap together underneath.

I figured it would take Nanny a few days to get used to the coat, but much to my surprise, she loved it instantly. It fit her like a glove, making me wonder if perhaps some little elves took her measurements and created it especially for her in their workshop.

The outer shell of the Extreme Vest is made from 100% High Density PU coated nylon, the trimmings are 100% polyester, and it comes with an adorable but removable faux fur hood for those really chilly days. In Nanny’s case we took it off as she’s little nervous with anything around her neck.

Because of the way the coat is made, it’s incredibly easy for Nanny to move around and play in it without feeling restricted, which is always a concern of mine when looking for doggy coats. Aside from being much warmer, I’m not sure Nanny even realized she was wearing anything.

Maple Leash offers much more than coats, so be sure to check out their website for all kinds of must haves. If you get stuck on measurements and you’re not sure what size your furry friend might need, simply email them and they will respond right away. See? Stellar customer service. They’re also on Facebook and Twitter, so when you get a chance, stop by and congratulate them on adopting their second rescue dog, Corona!

Maple Leash wants to share the love, so they’re giving away a $50.00 gift card to one very lucky Ottawa Dog Blog reader.

To enter, visit Maple Leash’s website and leave a comment below, telling us what you’d buy with your $50.00 gift card!

Contest closes Wednesday April 11th at noon and winner will be chosen at random. Maple Leash ships world wide, so this contest is open to everyone.


  1. Michelle D. says:

    Wow, nanny is such a darling!! Love the coat on her :)

    there are so many good products to choose…. I think I would spend the gift certificate on the houndstooth jacket and the dog-tie harness.

  2. Susan says:

    what a cutie.
    I’d buy the monkey hoodie

  3. PhoDOGrapher says:

    oh my!! I would definitely get an extreme vest in hot pink! My walks with little Shenzi have been limited in winter this past year, because her back isn’t what it used to be and she can’t tolerate heavier coats anymore. If this one is as easy and light as you say, it might be just the thing for her! AND if I do have to carry her, the hood will keep snow off her little head while she sits in her “baby carrier” – Yes I have one of those things.. don’t laugh 😉

  4. Maple Leash says:

    Thank you so much Mel for this great review and good luck everyone! And thank you to all the people like Mel that help pups in need. In honor of this, use PLEASEADOPT at checkout for an additional 10% off 😉

  5. PhoDOGrapher says:

    Thanks Maple Leash!!

    Is the Eskimo vest as warm and also as light as the extreme? Tough decision!

  6. Danielle says:

    I love the puppy sling! My foster dog is a puppy mill survivor with a permanently dislocated shoulder, so she limps. She is 10 years old and weighs 5 pounds. She already loves to be carried everywhere, the sling would be perfect for her!

  7. Ronnie says:

    It’s so nice to see more people doing things for the abandoned/mistreated pets =)

    The LED collars would be perfect for my 2 Pharaoh Hounds, Piper & Zevah! They love their runs at Bruce Pit. With the warm weather just around the corner, evening walks are back on the menu. But it would be nice to “see” them both =)

  8. Jennifer Rose says:

    ACK! I think I would first have to buy more time to make a decision! I want it all! Do I get something for Seamus from the large dog clothes? An adorable SWEEEEET skull adorned puppy sling for Pickle or Regalia? A little Devil costume for Charlie (yes I know it was you Charlie). The 3 in 1 Tie Harness? The 4 in 1 Lady Harness? Punk dress? Work overalls? The elephant costume? The adorable little bunny costume? The ‘adopt’ collar for my sweet, sweet foster dogs? Or something a bit racy and punk rocker chicklike? Can’t do it!!! Can’t pick just one…..

  9. Katie says:

    Everything on their website looks so great and Nanny just looks so good in that vest! If I won, I would probably get Eleanor the Doxie the “diamond bow” jacket in red!

  10. Leslie says:

    I’d buy the boyfriend sweater!

  11. Christy says:

    WOW! So many nice things I don’t know how I would choose. I may get Ozzy our Boston Terrier a costume (Halloween is so much fun) or a nice knit hoodie. Even the personalized collars are cute!!!

  12. Donna says:

    Very cool dog products. And, then, I saw them. The doggles for my Zitisweetie. She spends a good part of car rides with her head out the window. I always worry about the wind, and more dangerous, bugs flying into her eyes. These look like they will do the trick.

  13. eileen Woodside says:

    ~~ Nanny – Would you look at you! Today, Ottawa Dog Blog – tomorrow London, Paris, or perhaps Milan ~~
    So adorable…

  14. Kimberley Heaphy says:

    Wow! Lots of amazing products! But what would I do with the $50 gift certificate? That is easy, I would invest in warm Extreme Dog Coats. My little guys hate the cold and maybe with a warmer coat and boots, I might stand a chance at convincing them into a walk in the winter. I always grow a little concern about the lack of exercise in the winter….

  15. Becky says:

    Oh it would definitely be the Jaguar harness (maybe a little bling collar too!)I sure would like to try the elephant costume too. I wonder if my Shadow will let me? Wish I lived closer, that Nanny McPhee would be coming home with me! She is sooooooo… cute.

  16. Moutzie's Mom says:

    Great site! Love the devil monkey outfit, but I think the 1Z is my favourite, especially with the built in harness.

  17. Jacquie says:

    Awesome! I would get the devil monkey sweater for George as I already have the monkey sweater for Bella. (Though they can both be devils some days!!)

  18. Maple Leash says:


    In reply to your question about the eskimo vests: They are actually built heavier duty, so heavier but warmer. They are built unique in that the chest is actually built outward to accommodate a dogs strong chest. Great for terriers or any dog with that broad chest. Their suits (fleece or winter) are also built this way 😉

  19. PhoDOGrapher says:

    Thanks Maple Leash.. it’s a tough call.

    I used to be able to bundle my little one up head to toe and off she went in any weather, but as she ages her back is giving her problems and she can’t tolerate a heavier coat anymore. All of her heavy duty ones are useless to me now unless I carry her.

    What’s your exchange policy, if I was to try the eskimo and exchange for the extreme if necessary? Or would you recommend I go with the extreme to begin with? I do love the broad chest aspect – she’s a chi/terrier mix, so she has teeny legs and head, and massive chest and shoulders. Thanks so much for your help! A testament to your excellent customer service, even in a blog comment!

  20. laurel carter says:

    What an adorable dog. Maple Leash is a wonderful company. My rescue dog also sports a winter coat purchased from Maple Leash.

  21. It is so hard to pick everything is so cute! I want my dog to shrink to fit it! Fortunately I have a little dog in my life and if I won, I would buy my fur niece Emma the rock and roll jacket. Emma is a rescued dog too. Her mom was rescued from a puppy mill and Emma is a first generation born in freedom!

  22. Rebecca Skinner says:

    I would get the Ottawa Senators jersey for my lil Sens fan, Chase! …and also the Skull Dog Rain Parka. 😀

  23. Maple Leash says:

    @ PhoDOGrapher

    I would honestly recommend almost any of the pretty pet coats as they are lighter yet still high quality. The Eskimo coat is almost like an industrial material, so on the heavier side for dog coats. Send me an email and I can show you exactly which coats are all from the Pretty Pet line, there are quite a few to choose from!

    We can definitely make exchanges, however we cannot cover shipping costs as those are entirely out of our hands. If you or anyone needs any help with sizing, please email before ordering and we can do our best to help get the correct sizing the first time. Plus we have a chi/terrier mix that we can probably test fit/model items for you!

    And thank you for the nice comments :)

    Good luck again to everyone!

  24. Steph P says:

    I’d buy the Monkey Hoodie and the Extreme Vest in Hot Pink. Everything looks fantastic, it’s so hard to choose!

  25. Dominique says:

    I just adopted a chihuahuah from rescue and i would like for her to be the halloween parade so i would buy her a holloween costume as well and a costume for my sheltie the elephant is just fantastic!!!! all these clothe are fantastic cudos!!!

  26. Amber says:

    Nanny looks so warm in her little coat =) Warmth is something I’m always concerned about with a small dog in winter. I’d get Peach the “Super Soft Plaid Coat”- she can match mine, and be warm!

    And to spread the love, some “Crystal Heart Barrettes” for my in-laws little girl. They keep trying to find the perfect barrettes to keep her ear-hair nice and clean and out of her food =)

  27. Mishka says:

    They have some really cute dog outfits. My almost 7 month old puppy will need a new winter coat next year. He’s outgrown the one we had for this year. He is very long, so it’s going to be a challenge to find one for him that’ll fit.

  28. Karine Langley says:

    I would buy the gold skull hoodie. It looks very ‘bad’

  29. Chi mom says:

    Oh My Gosh! too many nice items to pick from! I do like the boyfriend sweater, the Maple Leaf sweater, the Doggy Skull Sweater, the Ottawa Sen’s jersey… oh, what the heck, I like ’em all! And Nanny McPhee… I had seen her on the Hopeful Hearts website adoptables and thought she was just soooo adorable! From puppy mill to top model, a real life fairy “tail”!

  30. Joy says:

    Tough question – i really like the Winter Garden Collar set, and one of our dogs really needs a new collar!

  31. Joy says:

    The Winter Garden collar set looks really cute – i would buy that!

  32. laurel says:

    Nanny is adorable. My dog Rosie is also a rescue dog from one of the rescues Maple Leash support. I would buy her one of the new jaguar harnesses because she outgrew the beautiful leather collar I bought from them.

  33. Linda says:

    I am a huge fan of Maple Leash!! Love all of the amazing products that they offer! I am not sure exactly what the 50 gift certificate would be paying for out of my purchase. I know I would have to celebrate my good fortune by going on a little puppy shopping spree!!

  34. Amy says:

    So many amazing things to choose from!
    I would love to have the Puppy Sling for my dog :)

    The Hawaiian Dog Shirt is also on my list!

    So cute! :)

  35. Barb says:

    So funny, just on the site trying to size my Sherman for a Canuck Jersey and Sherman and I are signed up for the Hopeful Hearts Walk-athon! So many great finds this spring! With $50.00, yup you probably guessed I would buy a Vancouver Canuck Jersey!!!

  36. Maple Leash says:

    Have we found a winner yet? Hoping to give someone a shopping spree 😉

  37. Maple Leash says:

    Congrats Katie! Email with coupon code has been sent, have fun shopping! And thank you again Ottawa Dog Blog and Mel for the great review. Hopefully we can come back to give away more freebies for your readers.

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