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My mom recently stumbled across an online dog clothing store that she thought I should share. Doggie Clothes Line has a huge variety of products and is definitely a fun place to spend some time online.

They have a ton of options to dress up your dogs for formal events like weddings.

Here’s one of my favourite little tuxes:

Image img

Thumbnail img

How about a tie?

Thumbnail 2 img

They have lots of different bow ties.

Thumbnail 1 img

They also have a bunch of sport fan merchandise. They have whole outfits, but I prefer the cute little hair clips. They come in lots of different colour combinations so you can coordinate with your favourite team!

Thumbnail 3 img

Thumbnail 4 img

There are also some cool looking collars.

Thumbnail 5 img

Thumbnail 6 img

There is a ton of other stuff on the site, so if you like anything you see here you should go check it out.

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