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Lesley Livingstone-grey Jewelry can make custom jewellery with images of your cat or dog (standard pieces are also available with a number of breeds).

The profits go to a rescue group of your choice – there is a list of possible groups. This support will give them much needed funds for medical costs, transport, feeding etc.

Check out some of the possible pieces from this great cause:

Jf 100 pixes Dobe Mom and Puppy Heart Pend 82289 1348084634 1280 1280

JML 09 76883 1339549902 1280 1280

JML 311 Engravable Paw Print Dog Tag Pendant 19597 1346815330 1280 1280

JML 730 Engravable Dog Tag Pendant 93272 1339730411 1280 1280

JML 750 Engravable Paw Print Heart Pendant 76775 1342714690 1280 1280

JML 912 Doberman Pinscher Dog Tag Pendant 96167 1340391629 1280 1280

Any reputable and active rescue groups and organization, who would like to benefit from the donations received on this website, please contact us for further information at:

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