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Canadian company, Northern Biscuit Bakery has a new line of dog treats out this year, and they have a fantastic twist! The BIOSNAX line of treats are meant to promote health in addition to rewarding your dog for being so darn cute. There are four kinds, Fresh Breath, Shiny Coat, Hip and Joint, and Calm. Plus, your dogs will go nuts for them. Seriously, I thought Sonnet was going to do a back-flip!

Fresh Breath: These treats use parsley to help naturally freshen your dogs breath for those kisses. Myrtle leaf helps to prevent the growth of bacteria while Atlantic Kelp works to remove impurities. Testing these treats involved me sticking my face in my dogs’ faces so I could test their breath. After many kisses, I found their breath was much more appealing.


Shiny Coat: These treats rely on Omega 6 and 3 to promote healthy skin and a shiny, nourished coat. Who doesn’t like a pretty dog?

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Hip and Joint: These treats have cherries to provide anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants, New Zealand mussels to help with arthritis and glucosamine to help strengthen and protect cartilage. I immediately gave these to my sister Liz, whose dog Paddington has long had problems with her knees. Liz already gives her glucosamine to help with this issues, so I knew these treats would be great for Paddy!

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Calm: These delicious smelling treats use chamomile to help promote relaxation. Haven’t you ever wished you could just give your dog a cup of chamomile tea and get the to chill out? Here’s a better solution!

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Each kind of treat is slow-baked with chicory root to help with easy digestion. As with other Northern treats, BioSnax use no artificial preservates and use healthy, natural ingredients. The biscuits are crunchy to help maintain your dogs’ dental health.

Northern Biscuit Bakery uses locally sourced ingredients and uses the local Community Living Ontario office to put the labels on their bags. Community Living Ontario employs intellectually disabled adults with jobs in their community.

All in all, this company knows what is important and is working to promote it. I am totally in love with this company and I highly recommend these treats. BIOSNAX are starting to pop up on the shelves of your favourite pet food stores (Pet Valu, Global Pet Foods, and Pj’s Pets).

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