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Help Fight Animal Cruelty with Cupcakes on February 25th!
Announcing Canada’s Inaugural National Cupcake Day™ for SPCAs & Humane Societies

Calling all bakers and animal lovers! The first-ever National Cupcake Day™ is set for Monday, February 25th and everyone is invited to bake their best cupcakes, host a cupcake party, share cupcakes with family, friends and colleagues, and collect donations all in support of the SPCAs and Humane Societies across Canada. Initially launched by the RSPCA in Australia, New South Wales – National Cupcake Day™ has been brought to Canada as a gift to the Ontario SPCA and the British Columbia SPCA. Sponsored by Petsecure Pet Insurance, Reynolds® and BMO Bank of Montreal, National Cupcake Day™ is designed to help raise much needed funds for all fuzzy friends, big and small, that have been abused, abandoned or in need of help.

“We’re encouraging people to register online at and then to bake cupcakes and host a National Cupcake Day™ party on February 25th, with all proceeds going to support the Ontario SPCA and its communities,” explains Marc Ralsky, Director of Community and Donor Development for the Ontario SPCA. “We hope that people will encourage their family and friends to donate online and to support their efforts by attending a local National Cupcake Day™ party, or hosting an event of their own. It’s a fun and easy way to make a life-saving difference in the lives of animals who desperately need our help.”

The Official National Cupcake Day Recipe
As a Cupcake Day Host, you will be part of an exceptional group of supporters who understand the importance of pets in our lives.

1. Register for FREE at
2. You will receive a FREE Cupcake Host Welcome Package in the mail, which includes a poster, sticker, balloons and fundraising guide
3. Personalize your National Cupcake Day™ Online Bakery and send it out to the world
4. Encourage friends and family to support you by donating online
5. Plan your National Cupcake Day™ Party for home, work, school or wherever you think people would love to eat your cupcakes
6. Bake, decorate, eat and share delicious cupcakes to raise funds for Canada’s SPCA’s & Humane Societies!
7. Collect and return funds to SPCA’s & Humane Societies in your community (visit for a list of who’s participating)

Your cupcakes will help shelters across Canada give a surrendered cat or dog a new forever home, rescue a neglected or abused animal and give them a second chance at a new life, and provide emergency surgery injured animals.

“This is really a fun, grass-roots way to help fight animal cruelty and make a difference,” says Ralsky. “Everyone loves cupcakes, and they taste even sweeter when you know it’s for a good cause.” To register or for more information, visit

About Ontario SPCA and Humane Society:
Protecting animals since 1873, Ontario SPCA is Ontario’s Animal Welfare organization. A registered charity comprised of over 50 Communities.Ontario SPCA is mandated under the Ontario SPCA Act to enforce animal welfare legislation and the Act provides Ontario SPCA Agents and Inspectors with police powers to do so. Ontario SPCA provides leadership in animal welfare innovations including introducing high-volume spay/neuter services to Ontario and opening the Provincial Education and Animal Centre

If you would like to speak with a Provincial Ontario SPCA Spokesperson, or for more information, please contact Kara Latta or Alison Cross.

Strategic Objectives Media Contact
Kara Latta
416-366-7735 x226

Provincial Ontario SPCA Media Contact
Alison Cross
Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications
Ontario SPCA, Provincial Office

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