Custom t-shirts are always one of the best gifts to give to people, assuming that the style or the prints on them are something that they are interested in or something that they find funny. This kind of shirt is a go-to present for almost all seasons and occasions, except for the Yuletide season when giving funny and ugly sweater shirts is the trend.

Sweet grandmothers usually knitted Christmas sweater shirts back then, but now with the presence of technology and entrepreneurship, these sweater shirts can be bought and customized according to your liking. If you are looking forward to buying yourself or gifting loved one’s sweater this coming Christmas, here are some creative and funny ideas for its customization:

Humping Dogs

This design is excellent for those who love dogs and their silliness. Depicting two dogs doing what they do naturally during a specific time, this design will inevitably cause a burst of laughter in the crowd when worn.

Christmas Greetings from Hoth

A “Merry Christmas” greeting from Hoth of Star Wars will spice up the wearer’s Christmas celebration. With force being strong in this design, it will make you or your receiver an instant head-turner for Star Wars fans out there.

Maternity Sweaters

This design does not pass the ugly and funny criteria of Christmas sweaters, but rather the delightful and cute one. Made for pregnant women during the Yuletide season with the words “Best Present Ever” printed on it and with the comfort deserved by anyone carrying a life inside her, this will put a smile on their faces.

Merry Barkmas!

This is another design for dog lovers, with dogs being cute and adorable during the Yuletide season. Displaying their playfulness with the Christmas tree, Santa Claus and other Christmas decorations, dog lovers will never get enough of the cuteness of this sweater.

Meowy Christmas! 

This is another design for pet owners, but now with funny cats instead of dogs in it. This design paints a picture of how cute or indifferent a cat’s reaction is about Christmas.

Science Rules

This sweater shirt is designed for geniuses who excel in Science, specifically Chemistry. With pictures of laboratory apparatus and molecules on it, nerds will surely appreciate it and will happily wear it.

Humpy Camels

With pictures of one of the first animals to be with the Birthday Celebrant during this season, everyone, especially those who love the story of the Nativity, will love this sweater. Camels also deserve to be printed on Christmas sweater shirts, because they were the ones who transported the Three Kings to the location of baby Jesus.

Holmium Sweater Shirt

This design is an attraction for the Science geeks. With three pictures of the chemical Holmium from the Periodic Table of Elements to spell as Santa’s laughter, this is a funny and witty design for a Christmas sweater.

These designs are few of the creative and laughable ones that can be found anywhere. The purpose of these samples is to give you an idea of what you prefer, and if you want something more personalized, you can always negotiate with your supplier to make a design solely for you.


Other people make do-it-yourself Christmas sweaters because they have the capability and the time to do so, want to lessen the cost of the shirt and want the design to fit their description perfectly.

If you want a Christmas sweater shirt that stands out, you need to produce a higher level of creativity and humor in your design. This may not be a contest, but it always feels good to be better or have better output than everyone else.

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