While some dogs enjoy being trimmed and looked after, many others shun the sound of a busy hair dryer and the thought of being handled by a stranger for more than half an hour. In fact, what we thought was a brief pampering routine can actually cause discomfort in our canine companion.

The good news is that thanks to the availability of CBD dog treats, your canine companion (and you) no longer have to suffer from post-grooming stress! In the next sections, we will discuss in more detail how grooming can cause stress on dogs and how CBD can help alleviate the issue.

How Grooming Can Cause Stress on Dogs

As a pet parent, you are responsible for providing your canine with preventative healthcare and quality support, but you are also liable for maintaining your pet’s comfort. Unfortunately, for many dogs, going to the grooming salon can be a painful (or even traumatic) experience.

Some of you may still get shivers when you remember how dreadful going to the dentist was when you were a child, and many dogs can feel the same way about going to the salon! The roar of tools and the general chaos of a busy facility might be stressful for your pets.

Addressing Post-Grooming Stress and Anxiety

There are numerous ways to manage post-grooming stress and anxiety in dogs, such as toys and interactive playtime. A positive reinforcement training plan, which includes creating triggers to reward excellent behavior, is another way.

Moreover, studies revealed that the use of natural remedies can aid in the management of such issues in dogs. CBD, for example, can help lower anxiety in your dog by acting on serotonin receptors in the brain and CB1 receptors in the body.

Furthermore, regular CBD oil use can help improve general mood in dogs by significantly reducing aggression and other corresponding behaviors that are commonly associated with anxiety or stress. All of this helps to alleviate post-grooming stress.

Another piece of good news is that CBD oil has no intoxication effects on your dog. This makes CBD a safe and efficient approach for lowering grooming-related stress without risking your dog becoming impaired.

However, if your dog is receiving other treatment, it is important to note that CBD may interact with other drugs that he or she is taking. If you have any doubts, always contact your veterinarian before treating your dog with a new CBD supplement.

The Takeaway

Let’s face it: some dogs despise getting bathed, let alone groomed. A frightened dog may instinctively bite the groomer during the process and may also attempt to flee the situation entirely.

Excessive loudness may be especially unpleasant for young puppies who are not used to such disturbance. So, if you want to make grooming easier for you and your furry friend, look into CBD for dogs.

Whether you prefer to use oil or treats, CBD can calm your nervous dog and make the grooming process a lot smoother. Of course, you must use a high-quality product that does not contain any harmful flavorings or additives.

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