The world is indeed a better place with dogs. That’s why we, Ottawa Dog Grooming, believe that your fur baby deserves nothing but the best.

Ottawa Dog Grooming is your dog’s 2nd sweet home. We offer various dog care services such as grooming, training, and dog care center among many others. You can also get high-quality dog food and accessories and consult us about your dog’s nutrition.

We ensure that our priorities are your dog’s safety, health, and enjoyment. Therefore, you can trust the Ottawa Dog Grooming for its optimal training, socialization, and health. Navigate this website to see for yourself the excellent care and service we have.

The Best Dog Care Center

Like you, your dog deserves a relaxing and pampered day in our daycare center. One full day of socializing and unwinding can make your fur baby happy. With a vast land area and numerous spots to play, your dog will have a great time with other dogs. No need for you to worry because they are supervised all the time. The tunnels, obstacles, and slopes in the daycare will never bore your dogs.

A temper assessment is conducted for all the dogs before they are allowed in the center to make sure their attitude and size go well with the other pups.