Teeth Brushing

Price: $12 (first-time), $8(has own toothbrush)

Availability: Grooming center, mobile

If your dog has bad breath, you don’t need to endure it after having your dog’s teeth professionally brushed.

Paw Rejuvenation

Price: $5

Availability: Grooming center

Applying paw balm to your dogs’ paws is not only rejuvenating but moisturizing as well. This is best when dogs often have cracked or dry paw pads due to frequent walking on dry, sandy, or salty grounds.

Nail Color

Price: $8 (front paws only), $10 (all paws)

Availability: Grooming center

With a lot of colors to choose from, you’ll surely find the shade perfect for your dog. You don’t need to worry about safety because our nail polishes are pet-safe.

Ear Cleansing

Price: $8

Availability: Grooming center, mobile

Having your dog’s ears cleaned is vital for its overall hygiene. We offer complete dog ear cleaning. For this procedure to be safe and effective, you can visit your vet first to check if your dog has an infection.

Temporary Fur Color Treatment

Price: Contact us

Availability: Grooming center

You can give your dog a makeover with our temporary and pet-safe color treatment for your dog. There are a lot of patterns, styles, designs, and colors to choose from. You can ask our groomers for a recommendation as to what looks best suits your dog.

Anal Sacs Expression

Price: $20

Availability: Grooming center

We can do external emptying of your dog’s anal glands. It is best to consult with your vet first before having this done.