Almost all vape juice brands including vape shop mascouche have a warning sign on their containers saying, “Keep away from pets and children.” Well, there is also a reason why you shouldn’t ignore these warning signs, especially if you have children and pets living with you inside your home.

How can vape affect your pets?

You are into vaping— but your furry friends aren’t. Likewise, you might have gotten used to inhaling that odd smell from your vape juice; but your pets’ health might be put at stake. Yes, just like any other chemicals and potentially dangerous substances inside your house, vape juices can be dangerous to our pets.

Puppies and kittens can roam around freely in your house and might be drawn to your delicious-smelling vape juice, which contains high amounts of nicotine and several other toxic ingredients. The components your vape juice contains are possibly deadly to animals.

How to keep your pets safe?

If you’re already dependent on nicotine, chances are, it is already too difficult for you to quit smoking completely. This is most probably why you switched from cigarette to e-cigarette. However, minimizing your risks doesn’t mean you have for your pets’. If you are a responsible pet owner, you have to follow these steps to keep your house pets safe.

  • Keep your vaping juices and devices out of reach.

When your pets are inside your house, you have to treat your e-juice, vaping accessories, and hot parts or pieces the same way you treat your cleaning agents, medications, and toxic food to pets. Simply put, safe storage is a must. Store your electronic cigarettes and juices in safe places like inside a cabinet or a high shelf. In that way, these hazardous substances will be inaccessible to pets.

  • Only use non-nicotine juices when with pets.

Pets and nicotine should never go together— because they never will. No matter how small the amount of nicotine is in our e-juice, it can still negatively affect your pet’s health. Pet’s Helpline has reported an increase in the frequency of emergency cases in pets are caused by nicotine poisoning.

This is associated with the owner’s vape usage and storage. To practice safety, you have to use non-nicotine products only, especially when around pets. You cannot guarantee a hundred percent safety in your household if you are an active vape user.  The best you could do is to minimize the risks.

  • Know the first signs of poisoning and act immediately.

You have accidentally spilled your e-juice on the floor, and your puppies quickly ran over to lick it. At this point, you have no choice but to assume that they already have ingested some of it. The best thing you could do is to act quickly; otherwise, it might be too late. Nicotine intoxication in pets can still be avoided when you know how to identify the signs.

Cats and dogs suffering from nicotine intoxication will most likely experience diarrhea, drooling, vomiting, seizures, confusion, lethargy, and odd behaviors. As soon as you notice these signs, you must immediately call your nearest emergency vet.

Your pets’ safety should be a priority. As long as they can’t access your e-liquids and vape devices, you can create a safer and healthier place for your furry friends.

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