Food-dispensing toys are great for dogs since it helps control their behavior and keep their brains working. This kind of toy also benefits you especially when you have to leave your dog alone since it keeps them busy and makes them feel less anxious.


When dogs are given new toys, they want to tear them apart. Therefore, it is vital that you buy a sturdy food-dispensing dog toy. Check that the toy can endure all the chewing that your dog can possibly do. A toy made of prime rubber and easy-to-clean material is a good choice. There are many kinds of treat-dispensing toys available, so you just have to know your dog’s preferences.

Dispensing Different Kinds of Treats

A good treat-dispensing dog toy can be filled with many treats. Nevertheless, you better stuff it with healthy snacks. You can talk with your veterinarian as to what treats are best for your dog.


You should supervise your dog for a few playing sessions when you give it a new toy. You can also fill it up with small treats to avoid choking. Choose a toy that is not very difficult for your dog to get the treat out.

And here is how to make your own DIY dog food toy:

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