Dog parks are perfect for you and your dog to bond. It also helps your dog socialize and release energy. Nevertheless, there are rules to follow so that other people and dogs are safe. It will help if you familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of your local dog park.

  • Check if there is signage stating the rules at your local park. If you’re unsure about these, you can search online.
  • Supervise your dog all the time. You are responsible for your dog’s behavior towards other people and dogs.
  • Clean up after your dog at all times by bringing a scoop and a disposable bag every time you go there.
  • Your dog must have updated vaccinations.
  • Don’t bring your dog when in heat especially if your dog is female.
  • Leave your food outside the dog park since other dogs might smell it.
  • Don’t bring babies and young kids since some dogs are not used to kids.
  • Hold your dog’s leash all the time to be able to keep it away quickly from aggressive dogs.
  • When you bring a toy with you, make sure there are no other dogs when you play it with your dog.

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