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(Ottawa Dog of the Week for March 2nd/09)

Libby the Lab/Beagle Mix

“My name is Libby, I am a Beagle & Lab Mix. Here I am at about two months old (where my fur is darker on my face) but I will be turning 8 months old at the end of January. I am getting lighter and blonder as I get older. Everyone thinks I am a pretty gal!

I am very smart but also very stubborn; its the hound in me. I live with two brothers Piggy (Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso mix) and Bouboule (Shih Tzu). I also had a sister Slinky, she was a Shih Tzu (who I did not know as she passed away before I arrived). My Mom and Dad got me last July and I have been taking my place in my new home since. I love to play, chew alot of things (got in trouble with the sofas; can’t help it my teeth were coming out). I love taking walks to the park and running in the snow (love that white stuff!). My favorite spot in the backyard is on the deck; standing over the flower planter and the railings so I can see into the neighbours backyard and bark at their cat! I like to lie down by the stove when Mom or Dad are cooking; sometimes they drop things on the floor so I help with the cleaning by eating those pieces. At least they don’t have to take out the vacuum cleaner so I save them a lot of work 😉 !

I am house trained; it took a while but am a lot better now. I know the sit and stay command, and Mom is training me on other things. Still, there is too much to remember but I am doing good! I love to be around everyone. Bye for now” – from Libby (with help from my Mom, Louise)

Libby the Lab/Beagle Mix

Libby the Lab/Beagle Mix

Libby the Lab/Beagle Mix

Libby the Lab/Beagle Mix

Libby the Lab/Beagle Mix

Libby the Lab/Beagle Mix

Libby the Lab/Beagle Mix

Libby the Lab/Beagle Mix

This dog is NOT up for adoption. The Ottawa Dog of the Week posts feature a family dog in Ottawa. Each week an Ottawa dog gets to be a star. The Ottawa Dog of the Week dogs are from loving homes and are not available for adoption.


  1. DogMomma says:

    This dog looks almost exactly like mine, and her name is Lillie, I came across the pictures and was shocked!

  2. maggiek says:

    wow this looks just like my maggie BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  3. audiepup says:

    that looks exactly like my dog kayla !Do you live in Mischigan. Think it might of came from the same breeder becouse i got my dog in july to and even looks the same as a puppy.

  4. Louise says:

    To Audie, I live in Ontario and Libby came from a litter in Quebec. Not a breeder…Libby’s Mom got pregnant from a neighbour’s beagle. The owners were giving the puppies away. We went there to pick up a puppy for a friend and ended up taking one as well.

  5. KatieScarlet says:

    We have a beagle lab, Mille, got her New Years of the Millenium, hence her name. She is an excellent dog. Same thing the neighbours beagle, with a black lab. She was the runt.. she is very affectionate, quiet, well behaved. It is such a good combo for a dog. She doesn’t run away, the lab keeps her quiet, but she’s playful.. she is built like a beagle, with black and tan, often mistaken for a dobe.. LOL, or rottie mix.. too funny, she’s a great family pet…

  6. Bernadette says:

    Libby looks just like Rocky. We were told he was a Lab/Chow mix, however, we are thinking Beagle lab mix. Libby and Rocky could be twins. Same situation, Mommy Lab wandered into a neighbors yard and gave birth to nine pups. They just wanted to give all the pups good homes, so we took Rocky. They thought he was Lab/Chow because they caught them together, but Rocky doesn’t have dominating Chow characteristics. Looks exactly like Libby.

  7. Lauren says:

    Hi! Our dog Scout looks just like Libby! Approximately how big and how much did she weigh at 8 weeks? We are trying to determine what mix our pup is, aside from Beagle.

    Thank you!

  8. morgan says:

    Our dog Libby looks just like your Libby! How cool! Our girl is a beagle/lab mix as well :)

  9. Doris says:

    My dog Emily just died last week and we are heartbroken. We saw Libby and we are shocked that she look exactly like Emily.
    Where can I get one look like Emily again? We really miss her

  10. clarence says:

    Hi, My lab mix beagle is 14, She loves to swim in the lake when we go camping. She also looks just like your dog.Her hips are finally getting bad, dont know how long she has.Punkin has always been a great dog with my other pure breed beagles. best 50 dollars I ever spend,take care and love your dog.

  11. maria says:

    me and my husband got a puppy from my sister as a gift, the only problem was we didnt know what he was mixed with. me and my husband thought he was a shepard mix lab because of his coat. As he started getting older, a lot of peaple asked me if he was mix with a beagle. He just turned a year, and looking at the pictures of your puppy, i have no doubt that tobe is a lab mix beagle, he looks exactly like libby did as a puppy and looks just like her now:)

  12. Dylan says:

    Hey just came across your pictures I just got male lab/husky beagle mix puppy he just turned 4 months and he is growing weird.. He weighs abouts 15 pounds but has really short legs and is growing longer.. Did your puppy grow like this to and when did yours start to grow legs lol

  13. Louise says:

    Hi to all, I didn’t realize I got so many comments. Thank you. Just decided to check out Libby’s pictures again. She was a cute pup and now a beautiful dog. Her markings turned out really nice…we love her and she is our girl. She also shares the house with two furry brothers (Shih Tzu & a Lhasa, both rescues). She is a little wide in the stomach and short on legs but has all the instincts of a beagle (except for the howling…thank God).

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