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Yes, this is the Ottawa Dog Blog.

Yes, that is a picture of a cat.

I realize this is a blog for dog lovers, but today’s Etsy post was inspired by my cat Samuel.

More specifically, his PINK name tag.

His  name tag was purchased from one of those DIY machines at Pet Smart. I selected RED, yet it came out pink. Not so flattering for a handsome boy. It really bruised his ego, however, because all the information was correct (read: I’m cheap) I have made him wear it for the last 4 years.

I started perusing Etsy in search of a not so girlie  masculine tag for Samuel, and discovered an amazing shop.

Fetch-A-Passion Tags is a mother/daughter team from Montréal, Québec that hand make all of their tags.

I love so much about this shop. I love that they are Canadian, I love their beautiful and unique products, but what really impressed me was that with each tag sold they donate $1 to a local rescue. Most recently they have donated to Le repaire de Sasha.

I ordered name for both of my cats and the ladies at Fetch-A-Passion Tags graciously offered to send one for Jersey in exchange for a review on the blog.

In case you were wondering, my other cat Lewis has also been wearing a pink tag for the last 4 years.

Can’t you see the humiliation in his eyes? I’m a horrible fur-mother.

I’m happy to report that Lewis and Samuel are now looking very manly sporting their new tags.

Take a look at Jersey’s new tag. It’s so pretty and feminine!

I stalked Jersey all week in attempt to snap a picture of her sporting her new tag. Sounds easy enough, however, the second she sees me with my SLR in hand, she goes from this:

To this:

Despite looking like she has the worst life ever, her new name tag looks so pretty! 

The ladies at Fetch-A-Passion Tags can customize any of their tags to suit your needs. I had them add my phone number on the back.

Phone number blurred to protect the innocent!

If you’re looking for new name tags for your pets, I highly recommend checking out Fetch-A-Passion. They were an absolutely pleasure to deal with, and I received all three name tags within a week of ordering!

Check out Fetch-A-Passion’s happy customers on their Facebook Fan Page.

Until next time!


  1. aimee says:

    I had a most disappointing experience with the tag I ordered. The phone number on the back of the tag is not clear enough to read. And the small star charm that is supposed to slide along the ring with the other 2 layers of the tag is stuck in one spot on the small ring because the hole to thread through is too small for the ring they threaded it on. The entire purpose of a dog tag is to display your contact information so that if your beloved pet is ever lost it can be identified and returned to you. When the website I ordered the tag from contacted the designer with my issues they literally recommended that I fill in the numbers with a black marker!! A $25 tag and I need to fill it in with a black marker?? They also said they would send me a thinner smaller ring to rethread the 3 charms on but they quit using them since they were not very string and could break… Really?? Sad since the tags are so unique and I really wanted one for my little guy.

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