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A few years ago I was introduced to DryPet, a company that makes micro-fiber towels for dogs. The material is incredibly absorbent, which means that they dry your dog really fast. These towels are great and I was very excited when company founder LaToya contacted me to ask about doing a review of their product. The occasion is the launch of their new bigger size towel. All the big dog owners were getting a jealous of how quickly the little dogs could get dried!

The small towel measures at 26″ by 36″ and sells for $12.99. The new large size is 30″ by 55″ and costs $19.99. Check back soon for your chance to win a free DryPet towel!

For now, check out my video review, featuring a recently bathed Sonnet:


  1. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for the review! I like that they’re affordable. I’m thinking of getting a couple… it would help since I have 3 dogs at the moment; my own 2 and a foster!

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