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Integrity Pet Canada Inc. recently developed a new line of treats to provide your pets with all the benefits of Omega 3’s. Omega 3’s are important for both human and animal health, and in dogs and cats it has positive effects on inflammatory disorders, immune system, brain health and aging.

Hearty Bites are made from natural ingredients including sweet potatoes and chicory root, which are full of nutrients and will help healthy bacteria grow in your dog’s digestive system.

They are available in two sizes of treats to ensure their status as a low-calorie snack. They are crunchy and grain-free (which means no fillers).

Hearty Bites are also available for cats, and some feline friends of mine give them a big meow (that means yum). My own pups tested out the treats for dogs and seemed very impressed. Matilda got booted out of the photo shoot because she couldn’t sit and wait for the treat while I got my camera ready!

Hearty Bites make a perfect February themed treat as they are shaped like hearts.

Pick up some for your pets at one of these locations:

– Global Pet Foods / Pitou Minou (in QC)
– PJ’s Pets
– Pet Culture
– Pets Unlimited
– Mondou

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Sonnet waiting eagerly to have a Hearty Bite!

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