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Awhile ago I posted a picture on the Ottawa Dog Blog Facebook Page that caused such a stir I decided to dedicate a whole post on it! What is it about? Shoes of course!!

Miao 5

Not just any shoes, but shoes that look like dogs!! Check out the amazing Kobi Levi – a footwear artist who makes ridiculously cool footwear.

This particular pair is called Miao. It is supposed to look like a cat, but I think it’s a dog. So I know you love them and want them, but unfortunately the are priced at $2,100.00 … So I won’t be getting a pair, but I hope someone out there does!

Miao 6

Kobi has another pair that are actually supposed to be a dog, but I don’t like them as much. They are still pretty awesome though…

Kobi Levi Dog 3

Kobi levi shoes 13


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