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Canada’s dog population has doubled over the past decade. According to 2010 US figures, there are now more households with dogs than kids. And that means that the canine has clout.

With 84 million dogs now sharing public space with human beings across the continent, conflicts over canines are breaking out all over urban North America: otherwise intelligent and reasonable human beings turn rabid when anyone criticizes their dog or attempts to limit his freedom. Non-dog owners, forced to defend their increasingly limited turf, howl in protest.

DOG DAZED wades into both camps and drills deep to discover what’s fueling this insanity. With a light touch, we reveal the impact of these furry family members – in our hearts and on the environment.

Exploring everything from dog poop investigations to the science of how dogs have infiltrated themselves with humans, DOG DAZED introduces a fascinating cast of eclectic dog lovers, and catapults viewers into the middle of skirmishes between dog lovers and non-dog people.

We also see some out-of-the-box solutions, and tips from a Broadway show dog trainer on choosing the right dog to reduce conflict – for you and the dog.

Featuring animation created by two-time Oscar nominee Cordell Barker (The Cat Came Back), DOG DAZED celebrates our love affair with canines and encourages a new relationship that values the environment, and the neighbours, as much as the dog.

The doc will be rebroadcast again this weekend on CBC News Network:
Saturday, March 23 at 11 pm ET, and Sunday, March 24 at 6 pm ET

It’s also available online here (Canada only):

CBC Doc Zone page -more info on the doc + extras
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